Posted by: Ann Corcoran | August 20, 2011

On immigration the nation turns its eyes to the Tea Party

This is a good piece at Human Events yesterday that ends with the line:

Tea Party, our nation turns its lonely eye to you.

Author Ryan Girdusky tells us something we already knew that the Democrats are awful on the immigration issue, but so are some Republicans and NONE of the crop of Presidential contenders says a peep about the elephant in the living room!

[Editor:  This article must have gone to press prior to the Obama bombshell announcement on Thursday that it has decided to limit the number of deportations and thus effectively decided the issue of amnesty without Congressional consent.]

Human Events (Neither Party Stands Against Illegal Immigration: It’s Tea Time):

The fight against illegal immigration has accelerated over the last year from Arizona to, most recently, Alabama. States across the country have taken the responsibility that federal government has relinquished. Regular polling reveals that a majority of Americans favor halting the flow of illegal aliens across the border. Despite the wishes of the American people, neither party has effectively stood for the defense of our borders and our sovereignty.


The Republican Party is not as bad as the Democratic party, which caves to ethnic lobbies such as La Raza. While a few Republican legislatures have passed pro-enforcement laws, most Republicans have been under the thumb of Big Business. States with Republican-controlled state legislatures and Republican governors of states such as Texas, Utah, Idaho and Florida have all folded under the pressure of business to not put in place enforcement measures. The Republican Party ended slavery 150 years ago, only to be at the whim of lobbyists who fight even now for cheap slave labor. None of the mainline Republican candidates* has made immigration an issue in the 2012 election at all, particularly neglecting to fit it into the larger problem of the costs to the welfare state and unemployment of America’s low-skilled labor force.


At the National Council of La Raza’s annual convention, President Obama vowed to “keep up the fight” for amnesty and against enforcement [see Thursday’s announcement]. Not one Republican presidential candidate rebuked him on the issue. As columnist Ann Coulter has said, “There are a lot of bad Republicans. There are no good Democrats.” Immigration proves that point. Tea Party, our nation turns its lonely eye to you.

Folks, before you get too excited about the Tea Party to the rescue, remember that two big well-funded groups claiming to speak for the Tea Party—Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Works—are also SILENT ON IMMIGRATION!

Be sure to check out Richard Falknor at Blue Ridge Forum yesterday who also noted the dead silence from the Republican ruling class in Washington on the Obama Amnesty-by-decree this week.

* See NumbersUSA “grades” for Republican Presidential candidates on immigration.


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