Posted by: Ann Corcoran | August 20, 2011

If Grover likes Perry—run like hell the other way!

Maybe we should look to the Groverometer to see who we Tea Partiers should like (or not like!) for a Republican Presidential candidate.  If Grover likes the candidate you can be assured that he is a Republican establishment type and is the one to avoid!

Here is a piece from the Daily Caller where Amnesty supporter and Islam/shariah advocate Grover Norquist calls Michele Bachmann the flavor of the month and then sounds positively giddy about Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Americans for Tax Reform president Grover Norquist volunteered a guarded assessment of Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann on Friday.

“There’s a possibility that Bachmann’s the flavor of the month,” Norquist told The Hill. “I would be less surprised to see her drop in the polls over the next few weeks [or] months than I would Perry or Romney.”

Norquist, a longtime anti-tax advocate who has not endorsed a candidate, had kinder words for the week-old presidential candidacy of Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Perry “fills this big empty spot” in the Republican primary field, Norquist said.

By the way, there has been a lot written in the last week critical of Perry and his positions on immigration (he supports in-state tuition for illegal aliens), property rights (Agenda 21), his Muslim pals, and even on his Nanny-state tendency as demonstrated by forcing young Texan girls to get a controversial immunization.

Are those the “big empty spots” Grover had in mind?

Rethinking Palin!

I saw this question asked someplace, some time ago, and it keeps popping back into my mind—what more could they do to Palin?  The media and the ruling class have taken her and her family to hell and back.  They have turned over every stone (every pebble) in their lives and yet she keeps on coming—fearlessly.   Just now when I went to Atlas Shrugs to find Pamela’s story on Perry, I noted that she has Palin’s two minute Iowa ad prominently posted (Geller loves her).   Check out the ad yourself here.

Update August 24th:  Here is another story about Perry and immigration.



  1. I would like to say this about the upcoming Republican primary. In all honesty, I could give a flying rat’s butt what Grover thinks. God gave me a brain, I assume that God expects me to use it. In the interest of full disclosure I must admit that i am not a registered republican, so I do not get to play in the primary (damn it.) However, I do have a wish list. I hope that I get an opportunity in the general election to vote for:
    1. Michelle Bachmann
    2. Herman Cain
    3.Sarah Palin (if she chooses to run, its looking more and more like she may)
    4.Pawlenty would have filled this spot, had he not dropped out, so I suppose the number 4 spot goes to … I don’t know, I guess Perry, though I am not thrilled with that choice.
    5.Romney ( though I’m not thrilled with that choice either.)
    If the GOP nominates anyone other than one of my top three, I’ll not vote for the presidency. I will not vote for Obama, but if the GOP is going to give me an Obama look-a-like, I’ll not vote for them either.
    I reserve the right to revise my list at any time I want to, but that’s the way I see it right now.

  2. Good work. Thank you Ann. I could give you more corroboration, if you’d like to peruse.

  3. Norquist endorsement=someone I’ll never vote for. Rove endorsement=same. Bush endorsement=same. Establishment, Inside-the-Beltway, endorsement from anybody=same.

  4. […] previously reported that Grover Norquist was in the Perry camp, but now that it appears that Perry’s chances are […]

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