Posted by: Ann Corcoran | August 18, 2011

Mob of thieves attack Germantown, MD Seven-eleven store

This is a story that was featured on one of my favorite political blogs (Gateway Pundit in Missouri) while I was away earlier this week.

While Muslim (former) Delegate Saqib Ali is busy policing Women’s Republican Clubs, the police in his own Montgomery County are doing a rotten job of protecting a business being ripped off by a black “flash” mob.

Listen carefully to the video commentary and note that the store manager (owner?) is a Muslim.  Any statement by Ali against a real crime committed by black residents of Ali’s former district against a Muslim?  Not that I know of!  But Women’s Republican Clubs are easier marks for the likes of Ali and his “hater” rhetoric.

Folks, don’t even use the word “flash,” just call them gangs of thieving thugs or something—“flash” almost sounds like it’s a cute prank.

Be sure to check out Richard Falknor’s good post this week on the British riots and American mobs here.


  1. Li, we don’t post profanity or death wishes and threats of violence here at PTPR.

  2. […] had no identifier in its headline.  Earlier this year a similar incident happened in Germantown, here.  I guess the thieves know that in Montgomery County, Maryland they can get away with just about […]

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