Posted by: Ann Corcoran | August 14, 2011

Leaving you with a laugh!

I’ll be away for a few days and possibly will not have internet access, but as I leave, I leave you laughing.

This is a post from Iowahawk  earlier in the month where he posits what might be the dreadful consequences of not raising the debt ceiling, but these apply just as well to what might happen to us if we must cut the federal budget (or close down government in the process).

Here are a few of my personal favorites should the feds run out of money, but go read more for yourselves!  Hat tip Judy.

Beltway policy experts begin living by own wits; after 45 minutes there are no survivors.

Roving bands of outlaws stalk our streets, selling incandescent bulbs to vulnerable children.

Breadlines teeming with jobless Outreach Coordinators, Diversity Liaisons, and Sustainability Facilitators

WH communications office reduced to sending talking points to Media Matters via smoke signals and log drums.

Without college loan program, America loses an entire generation of Marxist Dance Theorists.

No longer protected by government warning labels, massive wave of amputations from people sticking limbs into lawn mowers.

For some reason that last one had me falling off the chair laughing!



  1. Pocket protector industry collapses, sending us back to DOW 7000 overnight.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

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