Posted by: Ann Corcoran | August 12, 2011

Frank Gaffney to Chris Christie: It is “crazy” to ignore Shariah

Frank Gaffney, founder and President of the Center for Security Policy levels a much deserved criticism at NJ Governor Christie for his knee-jerk (let’s hope it was just a knee-jerk) comment calling those who are concerned about Shariah law “crazies” and the whole subject—“crap.”

Gaffney (emphasis mine):

As the nation mourns the loss in combat of thirty of its military heroes – including 22 members of the Navy’s elite SEAL Team 6 – in Afghanistan over the weekend, the question inevitably occurs: What are we fighting for that justifies this latest among so much sacrifice in that distant, backwards and inhospitable land?

Sen. John McCain suggested on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday that the answer, in part, is to prevent the Taliban from taking over the country again – at horrific cost to the people and, in particular, the women of Afghanistan. That would be a more credible goal if we were not simultaneously negotiating what amounts to the surrender of the country to Taliban representatives.

A more compelling justification would be if we were fighting to prevent the success of those who, like the Taliban, adhere to the politico-military-legal doctrine they call shariah. According to that doctrine, the entire world – not just Afghanistan – must submit to divine dictates as recounted by Mohammed and refined, interpreted and applied for over 1400 years by Muslim rulers (caliphs), scholars, institutions and jihadists. It is the particular mission of the Muslim Brotherhood and its offshoots, notably al Qaeda, to accomplish this objective and establish a new, global caliphate to rule in accordance with shariah.

Unfortunately, many in this country remain clueless about this threat. A particularly egregious example of official willful blindness was evident in an outburst last week by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. In response to criticism that he had appointed to his state’s superior court a Muslim lawyer known for his ties to shariah-adherent terrorists and their sympathizers, Christie declaimed: “[This] shariah-law business is crap…and I’m tired of dealing with the crazies!”

Read it all.

Gaffney to speak at MD CAN conference in October 

Frank Gaffney will join a panel of experts to speak on shariah law and Maryland on October 29th in Annapolis as part of a full day conference for Tea Partiers and other conservative-minded activists of all political persuasions.  Early bird registration runs through September.  Visit the Maryland Conservative Action Network website for registration information, here.



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