Posted by: Ann Corcoran | August 11, 2011

What! Not enough poverty in the US? We gotta go to El Salvador to redistribute the wealth

Seventy (70!) Montgomery County, MD government employees, and others traveled to Communist El Salvador recently to find more ways to send aid (money) and stuff to El Salvador (and probably Salvadorans northward).

County Councilman George Leventhal says its about atoning and “cleaning up our mess” in that country.  We opposed the Communist takeover of the country in the 1980’s, but heck it’s a Communist country now so what is there to clean up.  Seems to me they are now on their own with their preferred economic system.  I suggest we see how it works without more money from the US to prop them up.

Actually some would suggest that Leventhal should now help clean up the mess he made for Maryland by helping tens of thousands of illegal Salvadorans get to the US in the first place —surely, as one of the early directors of CASA de Maryland, he participated in the illegal “sanctuary” movement.

From a Montgomery County GOVERNMENT (TAXPAYER FUNDED) press release dated August 3 (I know I’m late on this so you this is not new news, but I wanted to be sure to keep all this for future reference and the best way to do that is to post it.)  Hat tip: Cathy

Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett last week led a local delegation to the Department (State) of Morazán, El Salvador from July 23 – 30, meeting with government officials and signing a “Sister City” agreement under the guidelines of Sister Cities International. The delegation also met with people from the local communities, visited schools, organizations, and historic places, and engaged in community projects. The effort is designed to foster cooperation between the two jurisdictions on a people-to-people basis and to support already ongoing work by Salvadorans living in the County to support development projects in their home country.

“It is estimated that 50,000 Montgomery County residents hail from El Salvador,” said County Executive Ike Leggett. “This trip gave all who participated a unique perspective on the situation in their homeland. It opens up opportunities for Montgomery County residents to collaborate with the residents of Morazan — to learn and to lend a hand.”

“The United States is a land of immigrants,” said Councilmember George Leventhal. “I have no doubt that this generation of Salvadoran immigrants and generations to come are making and will make valuable contributions to County life. The United States has much to atone for in fueling the Salvadoran civil war. It’s very important to start helping to clean up our mess. Sometimes you have to see the challenges and talk to people on the ground. I returned home with a great appreciation for the challenges ahead and how we might contribute in our own way.”

There is more, here.   Montgomery County residents should do some PIA requests to obtain the facts on this little junket!

Commenting on the trip, Brad Botwin of Help Save Maryland said the following in a letter to the Washington Examiner published on August 2nd (in case you missed it) about the junket to El Salvador.

Welcome to the MontCo ‘Twilight Zone’

Re: “Leggett, Leventhal lead Montgomery contingent to El Salvador,” July 23

Could anything better highlight the gross government misconduct, corruption and general lack of respect for Montgomery County taxpayers than County Executive Ike Leggett’s upcoming 66-person junket to El Salvador? After county and state budget sessions which raised my taxes, tolls and other fees, decreased services, cut government workers, teachers, firemen and police and did little to eliminate the growing county/state structural budget deficits, how dare our politicians waste more taxpayer funds.

Why visit El Salvador? While Salvadorans make up a disproportionate amount of the county’s Hispanic population, including the largest segment of illegal immigrants, MS-13 gang members and prison inmates, there is not much in common between both “sister regions.” The Montgomery County median family annual income is about $92,000, El Salvador less than $8,000, so expanded business development is not a plausible explanation. Pressure from Casa de Maryland to further legitimize its role in bringing in increased numbers of Hispanic, especially Salvadoran, illegal immigrants to the county is behind this. So are two former Casa board members who are part of the delegation — state Del. Ana Sol Gutierrez, D-Montgomery, born in El Salvador, and County Councilman George Leventhal, D-at large.

Despite protests of no taxpayer funds involved, Montgomery County staff managed by Bruce Adams, director of the Office of Community Partnerships, invested much time and effort in planning this “working vacation.” Adams is yet another former County Council member and now a highly paid retread on Leggett’s team like former Councilman Mike Subin. Seems Adams went to El Salvador in 2010, then returned to establish a bank in the county with a nonprofit Salvadoran organization to help transmit money back to El Salvador. Adams calls it a “complete win-win-win.” I call it aiding and abetting dollar transfers from Salvadoran illegal immigrant workers and MS-13 gang members who could not legally use traditional banks for such activities.

My favorite excuse for this boondoggle goes to Karla Silvestre, Latino liaison in the OCP. Silvestre actually wants to learn why people continue to leave El Salvador. Unlike most county citizens, it has not dawned on Silvestre that offering illegal immigrants free day-laborer job centers, banking privileges, free nonemergency health care, dental care, prescription drugs, free K-12 education, in-state tuition, limited law enforcement and taxpayer-funded welcoming groups like Casa actually is incentive to leave their homeland for Maryland.

What is needed is not a taxpayer-funded vacation to El Salvador, but instead inspector general investigations of the Office of Community Partnerships and Casa de Maryland.

Just a reminder!

Temporary Protected Status ENDS in early 2012 for hundreds of thousands of Salvadorans who came to the US illegally.   If there are no hurricane or other act of God excuses before then, and the COMMUNIST government is the one they wanted, then there is no excuse to extend it further.  They can go home and fix-up their own country!   Obama will be making that decision in the coming months.   By the way, people here on TPS have NO PATH TO CITIZENSHIP and are thus not allowed to vote.



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