Posted by: Ann Corcoran | August 11, 2011

Watch Greta Van Susteren take on the Gov!

Governor Martin O’Malley that is!   Maryland has a AAA bond rating because we have been “fiscally disciplined” he says—and that was the least outrageous thing he said.  Readers, I have never actually seen O’Malley speak for any length of time, but his nearly 7 minutes with Greta is all anyone should ever need to motivate you to work really hard to cut his political career short.

God help us that he might get Barbara Mikulski’s US Senate seat!   Or even worse consider that he is rumored to be in the grooming process by the likes of Joseph E. Sandler and the boys at the DNC for the White House.

This is priceless, watch Van Susteren take him on, she can barely control her annoyance (annoyance might not be strong enough a word!) with his anti-Tea Party talking points.

Watch Fox’s On the Record here!  Send the link to all your Maryland friends.  Come to think of it, send it to all your friends wherever they live in America!  Hat tip:  Cecil Calvert.

Greta for President!



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  2. Posting on Facebook. I sure hope Gretta pushes him for some straight answers.

  3. Watch Greta Van Susteren take on Governor O’malley! What a joke. All Van Susteren did was give O’malley seven minutes of uninterrupted time of national exposure to further his career. In my opinion, Greta dropped the ball on this one. O’malley controlled the interview, not Greta. She even admitted it at the end, along with swooning over how she liked O’malley’s wife and liked him. Not a good interview in my mind. O’malley said, at the end, that he couldn’t wait to come back. Why? He knew that he won. Very disappointing.

    • Oh that is funny Greg, I saw it completely the opposite—I thought O’Malley looked and sounded awful and I was shocked at how phony he sounded—like he was programmed. I also thought Greta could not even hide her disgust (as a good journalist should) with his talking points.

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