Posted by: Ann Corcoran | August 9, 2011

Leftwing Cape Cod blogger gets all the Tea Party talking points into one post

In a post by middle-aged lawyer, Richard Latimer, from tony Cape Cod (you know home of the hoity toity) entitled “Treason in a Tea Pot,”  Latimer manages to work into his screed every anti-Tea Party buzz word he can think of —it was so chock-full of what clearly are the Left’s talking points that it was almost impossible to read.  I found myself marveling at his word choices.    Honestly, I couldn’t read what he (a lawyer no less!) was trying to say because I was counting how many times he used certain words.

It went something like this:  terrorism, terrorist, Teabagger, Teabagger simpleton, sedition, Grover Norquist,* eviscerating the federal government, seditious, Teabagger gang, seditious ideological obstructionism, Teabagger, Timothy McVeigh, eviscerating the federal government [leftists love the word ‘eviscerate’, it’s such a peaceful word, don’t you think?], Grover Norquist, reactionary populist facade, treason, sedition, Teabagger gang, treason, Timothy McVeigh, seditious….

I’m not kidding you, go read the article for a good laugh!  I guess he hadn’t read Michael Lind yet, or he would have worked in the ‘old south,’ confederates, southern states and Dixie!

*They are setting Norquist up for something, what, I don’t know!


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