Posted by: Ann Corcoran | August 7, 2011

Maryland Tea Party growing with two new chapters of the Maryland Society of Patriots

Recently a new Tea Party group was launched in Wicomico County and one will soon follow in Anne Arundel County.  If you haven’t any good Tea Party leadership where you live, you might consider becoming affiliated with the Maryland Society of Patriots.

From the Maryland Society of Patriots website (MSOP Wicomico):

Maryland’s largest, grassroots, tea-party organization continues to grow. A crowd of over 65 people packed Adam’s, the Place for Ribs, in Salisbury on Thursday Night. Sincere thanks and congratulations to Matt Trenka and the Wicomico leadership team for their hard work and patriotism.

MSOP will launch its Anne Arundel County Chapter on August 24th. Full details will be released soon. We’re proud to feature Delegate Don Dwyer as our inaugural speaker.

Is MSOP not coming to your area? Then email to start your own chapter!


  1. I probably should have mentioned this earlier. Regardless of the fact that the lefties, you know, people like Obama, Biden, and the lame stream media, are referring to we TEA partiers as terrorists, bigots, racists, etc. And in spite of their best efforts, the TEA party continues to grow. The truth has been unleashed! You won’t hear that from the media, I assure you.
    They are scared. The reason that they are calling us terrorists is because they are terrified of us. We want our country back, and they are scared to death that we are going to take it.
    United, we win. Do not fall prey to their retoric.

    • I am very hopeful with the what has been happening in our country, especially when I see people standing up for what our country “use” to stand for. I think the Tea Party groups are people who finally understand that when good people do nothing, evil wins out by default, and they’ve decided not to be the “silent majority” any more. Finally! My husband and I live in Baltimore County, so Potomac is pretty far away. But I understand that there is a tea party group forming in Anne Arundel county. Can you hook up up with them. Thanks.

      • Hi JoAnn, Google Maryland Society of Patriots and I think you will find a nearby Tea Party group to join. We are everywhere in Maryland. And also, go to Maryland Conservative Action Network. We have a conference scheduled for January where you can meet many many Tea Party-minded people from around the state. The Conference will be in Annapolis on Jan. 12th (this will be our third such gathering)…


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