Posted by: Ann Corcoran | August 3, 2011

Immigration debate splits Marylanders

That is the title of a very thorough and informative article on the issue of in-state tuition for illegal aliens and how the referendum drive has brought the issue to the forefront of Maryland politics (published in the Baltimore Sun on Sunday).  I started to post it Monday but then all hell broke loose when CASA de Maryland and the unions filed suit against the State Board of Elections and I didn’t find time.

***Update: Richard Falknor at Blue Ridge Forum reports that Del. Neil Parrott is exploring his legal options in this case.

So please go read the excellent Baltimore Sun article by Julie Bykowicz that I never got around to posting  (it has some good commentary from Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins in it too).  Also, be sure to read THE COMMENTS at this Baltimore Sun blog posting on the lawsuit.  Hat tip:  Judy B.  I would venture to guess that Marylanders are split, but based on the overwhelming number of comments against CASA’s position, its not an even split!

Please read those comments, one commenter gives information on how to contact the IRS about CASA (I know fat chance anything will come of it while Obama is in office, but you never know who might look into it in 2013).

As I’ve said before I think CASA and the Maryland NEA and SEIU have made a huge tactical error with this lawsuit and have taken a bazooka to kill a rabbit.   I predict it will backfire on them as the general voting public begins to learn more about CASA,  its goals and tactics.

Joey ‘the hitman’ silencer’ Sandler takes a shot at the Tea Party.  (Update:  a reader suggested that ‘the silencer’ was a more appropriate nickname and I like it!)

I’ve been telling you that CASA has brought in the big gun lawyers from Washington to fight the Maryland middle class taxpayers.  Here is another article (from The Capital) on the lawsuit with a photo of Sandler.  Check it out!  This piece also informs us that not only has the Democrat National Committee brought in Sandler but the mega law firm of Arnold and Porter as well!   Talk about bazookas against the little guys!

Before I get to what Sandler said about the Tea Party in Maryland, remember this is the guy who set up phony Tea Party front groups as we learned in this 2010 article entitled “Union Socialism.”

Another Washington labor lawyer, Joseph Sandler, who is described as a “renowned expert on election law,” has created a crow’s nest of front groups whose goal is to undermine the Tea Party movement. These groups have funneled vast amounts of union dues money, including $10 million from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), into fronts with innocuous names such as “Patriot Majority” and “Citizens for Progress.”

Maryland the cash cow for the Democrat Party!

What a coincidence that just last month AFSCME in Maryland began reaping the benefits of the O’Malley gift to the union as Maryland begins forced union dues.  Think there is a connection?

Back to what the wealthy (he has a million $ house in Montgomery County) Harvard-educated Sandler said this week about the Tea Party quoted in The Capital:

“I feel strongly about this case because I grew up in Baltimore, have lived basically my whole life [except for almost the entire 1970s at Harvard] in Maryland, and believe this law reflects the best of the values most of us have as Marylanders,” Sandler said.

The tea party and others behind this petition drive do not really reflect the views of most of us who are Maryland citizens, voters and taxpayers,” he said.

So, why the lawsuit?  Why not let this go to a vote and find out how middle class citizens of Maryland feel about taxpayers subsidizing illegal immigration?




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