Posted by: Ann Corcoran | August 3, 2011

First Tea Partiers were terrorists, now we are the reincarnation of the Confederacy

I kid you not—-these Leftists are so terrorized by the Tea Party they don’t know what to do.  Here is an article at Salon (yes, I know consider the source) by one Michael Lind one of the founders of the New America Foundation which features on its leadership council George Soros‘ son Jonathan (who Soros says will be the son most likely to advance his fathers political legacy, here).    So that’s about all you need to know—Lind works with the ‘cool intellectual set,’ people like Soros, and board members Google head honcho Eric Schmidt and Fareed Zakaria (among others) and now says the Tea Party is the Confederacy reincarnated.

This is what Discover the Networks says about the New America Foundation.

Read Lind’s theory here.  What a stretch!  We are all WHITE SOUTHERN EXTREMISTS!   His proof is that more members of the Tea Party Caucus in the House come from Southern States and that New England has no Tea Party Caucus members.   Well, duh, maybe that is because New England just doesn’t have any (I think its zero) Members of the House in the Republican Party (which, you know, tends to lean conservative).

He even goes so far as to say since Maryland was a border state we have Congressman Roscoe Bartlett in the Tea Party (huh!).

But, perhaps the greatest hole in his theory is that Virginia—the home of Robert E. Lee and the beating heart of the Confederacy—has zero Tea Party Caucus Members in the House* (but he conveniently leaves that out).

As I said these Leftists have come unhinged.  No more George Bush to demonize so they are in need of a new whipping boy—guess that is us!

You know, come to think of it, I always did love that tune!

* This list of members is from March of this year, so there may be more now.



  1. You have to love the liberals, bless their hearts. Lind’s article accusses we TEA Partiers of being a southern, “confederacy,” equivalent. At least in the caucus in the House. Then goes on to name Michelle Bachmann as its leader, who happens to be from Minnesota. Yea, thats confederate. Then also names Walsh (Sp?) from Illinois. Yea, thats confederate. Then admits that there are tea party contingencies from all across the nation. Yea, there all confederate to.
    So, where does that leave us? Well, apparently, we are not just terrorists, but we have graduated up to southern redneck terrorist. Viva the south!
    And by the way, isn’t Scott Brown from Massachussetts? Oh yea, he didn’t join the caucus, so he don’t count.

  2. […] not kidding you, go read the article for a good laugh!  I guess he hadn’t read Michael Lind yet, or he would have worked in the ‘old south,’ confederates, southern states and […]

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