Posted by: Ann Corcoran | August 2, 2011

Justice Department sues Alabama over immigration law, Thomas Perez lurking behind the scenes

So what else is new.  The US Justice Department filed suit in federal court yesterday to stop implementation of Alabama’s new law scheduled to go into effect September 1—a law to help get control of the state’s illegal immigration problem.

From Fox News:

The Justice Department has filed a lawsuit against Alabama’s new controversial immigration law, essentially fighting Alabama on grounds similar to its legal battle with Arizona over that state’s controversial law.

In both cases, the Justice Department argues that the states are overstepping their authority by wading into something that is a strictly federal responsibility: immigration enforcement.

State leaders say the Obama Administration is doing little to protect the citizens and the economy of Alabama.

The Obama administration and the federal bureaucrats have turned a blind eye toward the immigration issue and refuse to fulfill their constitutional duty to enforce laws already on the books. Now, they want to block our efforts to secure Alabama’s borders and prevent our jobs and taxpayer dollars from disappearing into the abyss that illegal immigration causes,” Hammon (Republican state Rep. Micky Hammon) said.

“Allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to run unchecked under the radar threatens our homeland security and insults those who come here legally,” he added.

Tweedledum and Tweedledee!  Of course the ACLU is cheering from the sidelines and the RELIGIOUS LEFT has weighed in by filing a suit against the state as well.

The American Civil Liberties Union applauded the lawsuit, calling Alabama’s immigrant law “draconian” and “anti-immigrant.”


The law has already faced lawsuits from civil rights groups and others, and Alabama religious leaders announced Monday their own lawsuit against the law, saying, “the bishops have reason to fear that administering of religious sacraments, which are central to the Christian faith, to known undocumented persons may be criminalized under this law.”

In another article on the lawsuit, here, we learn the Religious Left (non-believers in the rule of law) in Alabama includes the Methodist Church, the Episcopal Church and of course the Roman Catholic Church.

Then this made me laugh.   Those snobs in the US Justice Department felt it was necessary to put the issue in terms that the rubes (the hicks, the country bumpkins) in Alabama would understand.

“To put it in terms we relate to here in Alabama, you can only have one quarterback in a football game. In immigration, the federal government is the quarterback,” said Joyce Vance, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama.

A coincidence or is Joyce the good little parrot?

I guess she got that little analogy to better help the country class understand a complex (LOL!) issue from her dear leader in Washington, former CASA de Maryland board member and head of the Civil Rights Division at the Justice Department, Thomas Perez (gee, why no mention of CASA on his official bio?)* who said almost those exact same words here when he filed suit against Arizona for its attempt to get illegal immigration under control in that state.

“Under our system of government there is one quarterback, and only one quarterback when it comes to issues of immigration, and that is the federal government.”

What do you know!  Another coincidence

Justice Department stepped in to save Obama’s hide from an Alabama illegal alien!

Just last week the Justice Department indicted an illegal alien—a Muslim Uzbek— who was hiding out in Alabama and planning to kill President Obama.   But, I thought all the Muslims loved Obama?  And, what was the highly weaponized Uzbek doing in Alabama?

Joyce Vance was responsible for bringing that indictment, here.  But, nah, we don’t have an illegal alien problem in Alabama.

Interestingly that story never went very far.  The Washington Post mentioned it, here, in a tiny piece but it didn’t dare use the “M” word.  Maybe they were afraid Perez would come after them with his new policy on Muslims, here.

* Learn more about how the US Senator from Alabama, Jeff Sessions, tried to hold up Perez’s appointment to the Justice Department and how two Maryland Republicans helped him get the job, here.   A little payback now for Alabama from Perez?



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