Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 30, 2011

Tea Party terrorists! He means us!

Over the last few days, as the debt drama has unfolded on Capitol Hill, I wondered that it sure looks like the Tea Party has become the new George Bush.  Since the Left loves vilification and  Bush had disappeared into the sunset, the Left needed a new villain, so Tea Partiers would now be the ones depicted with horns and a Hitler mustache—-but I see it’s worse than that!

Writing at Politico yesterday, one William Yeomans says we are terrorists!   I actually read the piece a couple of times to see if this was a spoof by Mr.Yeomans but it appears this guy is serious.  Then I checked his bio–a Harvard-educated lawyer who has spent his whole life as part of the Washington DC Democratic Ruling Class (he spent three years working for Ted Kennedy just before Kennedy went away to wherever he went)–and assume from it that he isn’t kidding.

This guy has never lived outside the rarefied atmosphere of the Boston, NYC, Washington axis so he apparently seriously thinks anyone who is so bold as to stick by their principles is a terrorist!

Here he is at Politico (honestly, when you read this ludicrous rant doesn’t it sound like satire?):

It has become commonplace to call the tea party faction in the House “hostage takers.” But they have now become full-blown terrorists.

They have joined the villains of American history who have been sufficiently craven to inflict massive harm on innocent victims to achieve their political goals. A strong America has always stood firm in the face of terrorism. That tradition is in jeopardy, as Congress and President Barack careen toward an uncertain outcome in the tea party- manufactured debt crisis.

As we stumble closer to Aug. 2, it has become clear that many in the tea party are willing to inflict massive harm on the American people to obtain their political objective of a severely shrunken federal government. Their persistence in rejecting compromise, even as the economic effects of the phony crisis they have created mount, has taken their radicalism beyond tough negotiating, beyond even hostage-taking.

As markets fall in anticipation that there may not be a timely resolution; as credit agencies issue dire warnings that the U.S. political system has become so dysfunctional that a credit downgrade may be inevitable, and as America looks weakened in the eyes of the world, the tea party’s hostage-taking has evolved into the intentional infliction of harm on innocent Americans to achieve a political objective – terrorism.

He goes on to explain how the debt-ceiling crisis is a Tea Party fabricated scare tactic—-wasn’t it Obama who told us that we would die on August 2nd if the debt ceiling was not raised?  Yes!  Wasn’t it the Tea Party which said that our bond rating would be lowered anyway because the proposed cuts were not enough to send a signal that we were serious about cutting debt?  Yes!  So, how did Yeomans get to the conclusion that the Tea Party terrorists created the debt-ceiling crisis?

And, then, according to Yeomans,  the Tea Party members of Congress had the gall to use a tactic of mass destruction—they joined a unified disciplined bloc and said they didn’t care about reelection!   Oh, the horror!   Read this and tell me it doesn’t sound like a spoof straight from Jon Stewart (maybe Yeomans is auditioning as a comedy writer and we will soon learn his opinion piece is all just an elaborate joke)!

The tea party faction could not achieve these goals through straight up democratic means because of their unpopularity. So it resorted to its threat of mass destruction. They were able to do so because they formed a disciplined bloc that gave them leverage over the House leadership and because of the threat that members who did not go along would face primary challenges from the right.

Hard-core tea party members were empowered by their oft-repeated disdain for reelection. They were liberated to pursue their radical course because they were freed from the traditional constraint on members of Congress, imposed by the need to face the voters.

Yeomans goes on to say that to be a true patriot one must vote to raise the debt ceiling enough to get past the 2012 election (so poor Obama doesn’t face this again!).  Yes, of course, we see the error of our ways!

The challenge for America is to stand firm in the face of terrorism, no matter the source.

Tea party members must reassess their distorted vision of patriotism and join true patriots in Congress in raising the debt ceiling promptly until 2013, without inflicting further economic harm on already struggling Americans.

Last evening we learned the names of the “terrorist” leaders, and here they are—the Republicans who dared to buck the leadership and say we needed more cuts to save the economy!

From Politico:

Speaker John Boehner pushed his debt-ceiling bill through the House Friday night with the support of 218 Republicans. Here are the 22 no votes:

Justin Amash (Mich.)
Michele Bachmann (Minn.)
Chip Cravaack (Minn.)
Jason Chaffetz (Utah)
Scott Desjarlais (Tenn.)
Tom Graves (Ga.)
Tim Huelskamp (Kans.)
Steve King (Iowa)
Tim Johnson (Ill.)
Tom McClintock (Calif.)
Mick Mulvaney (S.C.)
Ron Paul (Texas)
Connie Mack (Fla.)
Jim Jordan (Ohio)
Tim Scott (S.C.)
Paul Broun (Ga.)
Tom Latham (Iowa)
Jeff Duncan (S.C.)
Trey Gowdy (S.C.)
Steve Southerland (Fla.)
Joe Walsh (Ill.)
Joe Wilson (S.C.)

Disappointingly we had no Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia or West Virginia representative among those holding firm and sticking to the promise they made to not raise the debt ceiling without significant cuts.    Even Allen West was a big disappointment, here, calling Tea Party activists “schizophrenic.”   He could easily have simply said we will have to agree to disagree this time.

West made those remarks on the Laura Ingraham radio program which I turned off yesterday within minutes of turning it on as Ingraham began the program with a Boehner love-fest rant that I thought was over the top.  Made me wonder if the fact that he comes on her show from time to time caused her to swoon for his plan.

As the Tea Partiers-are-terrorists mantra gathers steam, call me a terrorist!

Update:  More on the Left’s Tea Partiers as terrorists talking points at Gateway Pundit.



  1. Thinking about starting a new movement. Between Col. West’s comments, and Sen. Juan McLame’s feeble ramblings, I think the Schizophrenic Hobbits need to rise up from the murky underworld. While West’s comment could have been an off-the-cuff remark, McLame’s babbling shows us in the Conservative world precisely how far divided the schism is between the establishment representation of the Old Guard and the activism of the Tea Party members. West deserves a second(now third) chance. McLame deserves a pocket watch and a west-facing rocking chair. If I had my druthers, a food-taster as well. This guy has done nothing to advance the cause of Conservatism, much less the Republican Party, in far too long. As for Laura, she has pounced upon lesser names in the Republican Party for their stances, but seemingly gives passes to status quo pol’s like McConnell and Boehner. Maybe she needs the cachet of big-names on her show so that she has a market for her book sales. I guess she draws the line on making waves with the heavy-hitters in D.C. I mean, she charges to listen to podcasts of her show. Get over yourself, Laura. Mark Levin you’re not!

    • Although, one thing I gotta say about Laura, she is still strong on illegal immigration and you can bet her buddy Boehner is not….

  2. The American Tea Party movement in America are, in a sense, terrorists. If you will accept the definition that a terrorist is one who terrifies, then the Tea partiers are terrorists to the left. In my opinion, Mr. Yoeman has done nothing more than acknowledge that we TEA partiers terrify him and his left wing socialist buddies. We made serious inroads into the House of Representatives in 2010, and we will make even more serious inroads into the House and Senate and the Presidency in 2012. Are they afraid? According to Mr. Yoeman, they are terrified. Otherwise, he would have no basis for accusing the TEA partiers as being terrorists. Ignore the junk and keep up the good work TEA parties, we will win our country back.

    • Good point Greg! I didn’t look at it that way. If they weren’t worried (scared, terrorized!) about the Tea Party they wouldn’t bother…..

  3. […] kid you not—-these Leftists are so terrorized by the Tea Party they don’t know what to do.  Here is an article at Salon (yes, I know consider the source) […]

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