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Montgomery County, MD setting up a business relationship with communist-run El Salvador

Thanks to Brad Botwin of Help Save Maryland for alerting us to this news story about a large delegation of Montgomery County elected officials and others (union leaders?) traveling to El Salvador for some sort of trade deal.  In so doing they follow President Obama who “surprised” many by earlier this year visiting the violent Central American country and its President Maurico Funes—the first FMLN (Sandinista) guerilla to be elected President since the Civil War ended twenty years ago.

[BTW, Since Funes and Obama are birds of a feather, I don’t know why anyone would call the trip a “surprise,” but many commentators did.]

First read ‘Leggett, Leventhal lead MontCo contingent to El Salvador‘ from the Washington Examiner.

By the way, George Leventhal was an early Board Member of CASA de Maryland in the years before Gustavo Torres (former FMLN) showed up and took the reins of the organization.  I wonder if Levanthal was involved in the Sanctuary Movement that was responsible for illegally helping El Salvadorans get across the Mexican border and then distributing them throughout America?   We know that thousands of illegal aliens from Central America were brought to the DC area and many were housed at the Takoma Park Presbyterian Church* in the mid to late 1980’s by “church” people.  [See earlier posts on ‘Sanctuary’ here and here].

Obama visits El Salvador (for background)

Below is an account from the Sydney Morning Herald about Obama’s March 2011 trip to El Salvador.

Following in the footsteps of President Obama, the Montgomery County delegation surely will not have the security the President had.  I wonder have they warned the regular folks in the delegation.

President Barack Obama arrived in El Salvador Tuesday for the final leg of a Latin America tour he hopes will turn the page on troubled ties in the past and build a new era of partnership.

The three-nation trip — which has been overshadowed by the Arab uprisings and the launch of air strikes against the forces of Libyan strongman Moamer Kadhafi — was to conclude in a tiny Central American country that is one of the world’s most dangerous.

Ahead of his arrival, large numbers of heavily armed police and soldiers were deployed around the presidential palace and the hotel where Obama will be staying and US military helicopters circled overhead.

Half of El Salvador’s population lives in the US!

Obama was expected to use the last leg of his five day Latin American tour to focus on the drug trafficking and violence that plague much of Central America, as well as the issue of illegal immigration.

A country of six million people, El Salvador has three million emigrants in the United States.

One of the 10 most violent countries in the world!

According to the US State Department, El Salvador is one of the 10 most violent countries in the world. A State Department document noted that there were 3,985 homicides in 2010 and 999 carjackings.  [By the way in wikipedia El Salvador claims that the large number of dangerous gangs are all the United States fault because we deport gang members who are nationals of El Salvador back to that country.]

First guerrilla elected in 20 years!

[President Maurico] Funes was the first democratically elected leftist leader for more than 20 years, and is a member of the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN), which includes former guerrillas from the demobilized rebel group of the same name.

From Links (International Journal of Socialist Renewal), President Funes, who was elected by 51% of the vote, is quoted as saying:

He invited various social and political groups to build a new welfare state for the people.

Enter Montgomery County and the United States.

Going to help build a new welfare state?

El Salvador could not survive economically without the remittances sent from the legal and illegal population of Salvadorans in the US. 

The Washington Examiner reports about Montgomery County:

More than 50,000 of the county’s 142,500 Hispanics are Salvadoran, and 35,000 were born in El Salvador…

So the unemployed Maryland worker, whose job has been taken by a Salvadoran is in effect subsidizing El Salvador.(Ike Leggett trying to stop job slide as Montgomery County loses 18,000 jobs, and he sees no connection!)

Let me repeat that!  The money the American might have earned goes to El Salvador and then, as the Washington Examiner story reports, some sharp, politically well-connected banking ‘genius’ has now figured out how to cash in and expedite that flow of money out of the US. (And when he says it is non-profit, beware, that just means that somehow taxpayer money will be involved—I sure hope not also going to El Salvador!)

Adams, a former County Council member, said the focus of the trip is for Montgomery County to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with Morazan, a relationship that has already begun.

After an initial trip to El Salvador last year, Adams helped a Salvadoran nonprofit establish a bank in Montgomery County so Salvadoran residents of Montgomery County could more easily transmit money to relatives in El Salvador.

How do all the Salvadorans continue to stay and work here legally?  Temporary Protected Status!

The purpose of Temporary Protected Status  (a Legal immigration scam!) is to continue the flow of  US dollars to Central America.

In fact we learned from the New York Times (of all places!) in 2001 that the reason Temporary Protected Status (which I also told you about here ) is extended and extended allowing illegal Salvadorans to continue to reside and work in the US is because their money props-up El Salvador.

Once again, this time George Bush, extended TPS for Salvadorans (they always come up with some new reason to do so—an earthquake, a hurricane, a civil war), but here is the real reason:

President Bush agreed today to allow as many as 150,000 Salvadorans to remain in the United States for up to 18 months to help El Salvador recover from a series of devastating earthquakes earlier this year. Most of the Salvadorans are in this country without legal visas or work permits.

President Francisco Flores of El Salvador had requested that the administration grant ”temporary protected status” to thousands of his countrymen living illegally here, saying that money they earn in the United States and send to relatives back home would be as valuable to rebuilding efforts as increased American aid.

In a meeting with Mr. Flores at the White House today, Mr. Bush granted the request.

By the way, most of the illegal aliens helped into the US through “Sanctuary” were Marxist sympathizers and others just ordinary people fleeing a civil war and the government the US, during the Reagan years, was supporting.   Our refugee policy had up until that time been directed toward saving people from Communism.  The Reagan Administration declared that Salvadorans were not legitimate “refugees” but were “economic migrants” and not eligible for asylum, so the Sanctuary people took matters into their own hands and brought the communists in illegally.

Now that El Salvador has a FMLN Communist government there should be no need to bring more El Salvadorans to the US.  So that would answer Ms. Sivestre’s question (from the Washington Examiner’s story)—no more should be coming and instead she (and all of us) should ask, when will they go back?

Office of Community Partnerships Latino Liaison Karla Silvestre, who is going on the trip, said one of her goals is to learn why people leave El Salvador.

The FMLN (the supposed good guys) control El Salvador so there is no longer any reason for anyone to leave El Salvador or for us to extend Temporary Protected Status to the Salvadorans in the US who came here illegally to escape a right-wing government.

The latest round of TPS for Salvadorans is up on March 9, 2012! —just in time to get them on a plane before the 2012 Presidential election and the vote on whether we subsidize the kids college educations!  (But of course they can’t vote anyway, right! because there is NO PATH TO CITIZENSHIP WITH TPS).

How about a campaign to send the Salvadorans home! 

They got the government they wanted after all—time to set up their own welfare state back home!

* In 1987 we know that there were 6 Sanctuary locations in Maryland where Leftist sympathizers of the Sandinistas harbored illegal aliens from Central America.  One was the Takoma Park Presbyterian Church.  We are looking forward to locating the others so we can report those to you as well.



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