Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 26, 2011

A suggestion for true Christian charity

Yesterday I told you again about the many churches that have signed on to a “community” organizing lobby group founded by atheist Saul Alinsky.   The lobby group—Action in Maryland—takes dues from the churches then represents them in political issues that involve extracting more money from taxpayers of the state.

How is that Christian charity?  It is really a re-distribution of wealth—take from your average middle class Maryland worker and pass their money along to AIM’s pet projects which include subsidizing the college educations of illegal aliens.

So how about all those wealthy churches (and there are some really wealthy ones, just look at the list and check out their websites) set up a special college fund for the illegal alien kids and raise the money through their parishioners private donations.  They could take up special collections and have fundraising events and raise PRIVATE MONEY.   Heck they could even tap wealthy lawyers like CASA’s lawyer, Joseph E. Sandler of Montgomery County—I bet he could afford to send a half dozen illegal aliens to college each year himself!

Or, if they prefer working through government and taxation, they could give up their non-profit status and the funds collected from that could go directly into a fund for the immigrant kids (all immigrant kids not just the illegal aliens).

Better still, they could give up their tax exempt status and be taxed on their valuable real estate holdings in places like Bethesda and Potomac (again check out the list of churches that have hired AIM to work against the average working taxpayer in Maryland)!  The real estate tax they pay could go directly into a county fund to send the immigrant kids to college in that county.

If they could do that then they would be doing real Christian charity and I would have enormous respect for them.  But, frankly what they are doing now is stealing from one group of Marylanders to give to another group and it is shameful.

So tell me, how do you (members of these churches) sleep at night?



  1. Okay. You understand, I understand, and some others understand. I see a list of churches and find it hard to believe most members of these churches fully understand the extent to which each church has entered the political theater and in particular illegal immigration issues. Some of these church members may simply see themselves helping out the poor. Others may be working for amnesty and citizenship for illegals. Those like me that seek border security, deportation and secure bonded work visas must begin a campaign to ward off and expose these left wing so called religious angels. Why would a black church want to take away tax dollars, lunch programs, head start, classroom space, etc. from needy blacks in any community to give it to illegals? Well just like all but two of the black politicians that voted for sb167 they choose politics and political/religious careers over reason. And quite frankly when some of these angels and politicians equate slavery with illegal migrants they are simply playing the race card. You know people that think like me are simply racists so why would you agree with me to reason away the Maryland Dream Act. A simple tie to Saul Alinsky, while helpful, is not enough. When people listen to someone like Bishop Miles from Baltimore, who is trusted in his community and has done many good things for the black community, they must question his judgement. They must reason that illegals steal work from them. They must reason they are not Americans. The petition was a great success and many blacks and democrats signed it. In the coming months a concerted campaign must be launched in order to keep them on the side of reason. In the end television ads. will determine whether or not sb167 is vetoed by Maryland voters.

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