Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 25, 2011

Since when do churches hire lobbyists and community agitators….

…..and since when do they pay dues to a political group whose founder was an atheist?  And, when did Christian charity mean taking other people’s money to redistribute to others?  So many questions…

I’m talking about Action in Montgomery (AIM)—I told you about  AIM here on Saturday.  It is one of the leading “community organizing” groups behind the Maryland bill to give in-state tuition to illegal aliens in Maryland.   Examine their website—their big issue this year was SB 167.

Action in Montgomery is part of the Industrial Areas Foundation  which was created in Chicago in 1940 by an avowed atheist, Saul Alinsky.   When I first read Alinsky’s infamous work in 2008—Rules for Radicals—I was stunned that the man actually dedicated his work to “Lucifer.”   This is exactly what he said:

Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins—or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom—Lucifer.

Rubbing raw the sores of discontent

Here Kyle-Anne Shiver writing at American Thinker about Obama and organizations he worked for said this:

[They were] built on the Alinsky model of community agitation, wherein paid organizers learned how to “rub raw the sores of discontent,” in Alinsky’s words.

Do the churches (see list below) which have joined AIM believe that—do they enjoy rubbing raw the sores of discontent?

Do they subscribe to the need for an agitator:

The agitator’s job, according to Alinsky, is first to bring folks to the “realization” that they are indeed miserable, that their misery is the fault of unresponsive governments or greedy corporations, then help them to bond together to demand what they deserve, and to make such an almighty stink that the dastardly governments and corporations will see imminent “self-interest” in granting whatever it is that will cause the harassment to cease.

Alinsky:  Churches are springboards to power

How about this—how Alinsky saw the churches as springboards to power.  Do the good Christians and Jews in these congregations believe this?

Alinsky considered himself a realist above all, the ultimate pragmatist. As a confirmed atheist, Alinsky believed that the here and now is all there is, and therefore had no qualms about assorted versions of morality in the pursuit of worldly power. He didn’t coddle his radical acolytes or encourage their bourgeois distinctions between good and evil when it came to transferring power from the Haves to the Have Nots. Alinsky saw the already formed church communities as being the perfect springboards for agitation and creating bonds for demanding goods and services.

Is that what the good people in all these churches* believe?  That is what the Industrial Areas Foundation believes!

AIM’s lobbyist

By signing on with AIM and paying dues, the churches below have hired Alisa Glassman as their lobbyist in Annapolis.  And, she is big on power!  She told us so in an interview with the Washington Jewish Week in 2006.

Alisa Glassman is big on power.

“What we stay singularly focused on is power,” says the lead organizer for Action In Montgomery, an Industrial Areas Foundation affiliate that strives to create social and economic change in the community.

“That way we can win on our issues. … Most religious institutions don’t teach people power. They teach love, which is wonderful. But in the world, there needs to be a healthy tension between the two.”

Really?  And is that what the good Christians and Jews in the churches below believe?

Glassman goes on to brag about her project at that time—to get an immigration office in Montgomery County so immigrants didn’t have to travel to Baltimore.   She says it was a bipartisan lobbying project.

When interviewed, her most recent project was trying to get an immigration office opened in Montgomery County. Over a burrito and cola, Glassman said the issue was being taken up by both Lt. Gov. Michael Steele (R) and U.S. Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md).

“Right now, the Office of Immigration is in Baltimore,” said Glassman, who loves Hebrew text study, eating and tikkun olam, repairing the world. “When people have to go all the way out there from here, it takes time and they lose a full day’s worth of money because they would otherwise be working. It’s also an issue for employers because they’re losing workers. This is a bipartisan issue.”

Don’t want to make things hard on those illegal immigrants, no siree.

It seems that Glassman was also working on a commitment from former Ehrlich running mate Mary Kane in her efforts to get a full service Immigration and Naturalization Services Office in Montgomery County as we learned from Richard Falknor at Blue Ridge Forum (scroll down in this July 2010 post).  I don’t know if Glassman was successful or not, I don’t think so.   However, why should the churches listed below be agitating for federal spending for an immigration office in Montgomery County.  Don’t these churches have more important religious concerns?

You can visit AIM’s Form 990 here (2009) and see that AIM is Glassman and vice versa.  She seems to be the only paid employee and gets the lions share of their funds for her salary and benefits.    Where does the funding come from?  From only dues-paying churches?  Any of it coming from state or local government grants?  We don’t know because apparently some pages are missing in that 2009 report.

*Glassman and the Industrial Areas Foundation represent these churches:

Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church (Silver Spring)
Bethel World Outreach Church (Silver Spring & Gaithersburg)
Bethesda Friends (Bethesda)
Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church (Bethesda)
Church of the Resurrection Catholic Parish (Burtonsville)
Colesville United Methodist Church (Silver Spring)
Damascus-Friendship United Methodist Church (Damascus)
Episcopal Church of the Ascension (Silver Spring)
Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration (Silver Spring)
Epworth United Methodist Church Gaithersburg)
Good Hope Union United Methodist Church (Silver Spring)
Goshen United Methodist Church (Gaithersburg)
Grace United Methodist Church (Takoma Park)
Kehilat Shalom (Gaithersburg)
Mill Creek Parish United Methodist Church (Derwood)
Oak Grove A.M.E.-Zion Church (Olney)
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Parish (Bethesda)
Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Parish (Potomac)
Scotland A.M.E Zion (Potomac)
St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Parish (Wheaton)
St. Dunstans Episcopal Church (Bethesda)
St. Jude A.M.E. Church (Germantown)
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church (Silver Spring)
St. Mark Presbyterian Church (Rockville)
St. Rose of Lima Catholic Parish (Gaithersburg)
Sligo Seventh-day Adventist Church (Takoma Park)
Takoma Park Presbyterian Church (Takoma Park)  (CASA de Maryland incorporated in this church)
Unitarian Universalist Church of Rockville (Rockville)
Westmoreland Congregational United Church of Christ (Bethesda)
Willow Manor Senior Apartments (Silver Spring)
Woodside United Methodist Church (Silver Spring)

More on “Christian charity” and the redistribution of wealth tomorrow…..

By the way, Identity, Inc. is also a client of AIM, but I left them out just now.  You can learn all about them here.


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  2. […] Yesterday I told you again about the many churches that have signed on to a “community” organizing lobby group founded by atheist Saul Alinsky.   The lobby group—Action in Maryland—takes dues from the churches then represents them in political issues that involve extracting more money from taxpayers of the state. […]

  3. We’ve been fighting it in Oklahoma City for nearly 3 years now, and our “story” is here It talks about some successful strategies we’ve used, and lots of articles/documents to back up our claims. We now have people in Florida, California, Texas, New Mexico, and other states fighting in their parishes too. Google Stephanie Block and Community Organizing and you will get lots on Industrial Areas Foundation. What really angers me is the bishops have ignored this “farming out” of social problems to OUTSIDERS. The organizers claim it is grass roots, but I have attended several of their organizing meetings, and they definitely skirt over the pro-life issues and head straight to the national issues–immigration, housing, transportation, living wage. Not a dime nor an organizer would dare work for pro-life… BISHIPS, WHERE ARE YOU??? The organizers join with unions and soon we’ll see the same situation England is experiencing. It won’t be pretty. Thank you for working against the evils you see. We need more of you! Blessings!

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