Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 23, 2011

The tax fairy does not speak for the Tea Party

Although he has been trying to get out in front of the Tea Party train since it started moving down the track, make no mistake, Grover Norquist is NOT the engine!

Norquist has attempted to look like the Tea Party while thumbing his nose at core Tea Party values, here he throws social conservatives under the bus.  He was scheduled to be the keynote speaker at an Annapolis Tea Party rally, here , in January 2010 until other activists who had been following his “career” in support of  Amnesty (here the group Norquist created, Americans for Tax Reform,  Norquist’s personal soap box, praises Senate passage of the McCain/Kennedy amnesty bill in 2006) and Muslim immigration/government infiltration screamed bloody murder.

For weeks (months!) the Leftwing media has been setting Norquist up on some sort of pedestal making him ten feet tall in all the budget wrangling going on, now we are told the “tax fairy” (in all his pink fairy suit glory) says maybe getting rid of the Bush tax cuts isn’t adding new taxes after all; and the man who holds the taxpayer pledge sledgehammer over the heads of most Republicans says he is leaning toward the Mitch McConnell/Harry Reid plan (you know, the plan we have to pass before we know what is in it!).

I’ve been amused, if that is the right word, to see how the media has been building Norquist’s “reputation” all summer and wonder if, just maybe, the Leftwing strategists are doing it on purpose.

Best thing for Tea Party activists—study the issues carefully yourselves and stay away from Washington longtime insiders like Grover Norquist!  He and his pedestal will come down one day and you don’t want to be anywhere near it when it crashes.


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