Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 22, 2011

AFSCME begins to collect (your money!) for the Obama war chest

Just as states like Wisconsin get rid of forced union dues it begins in Maryland.   I mentioned, here, earlier this month that state worker pay checks would be docked to send your tax dollars directly to AFSCME beginning this month.  Now here is a note from a reader confirming, among other things, that the “bonus” state workers thought they were getting was just passing through their paychecks directly to this public sector union’s political coffers.

From a reader:

My pay stub lists this “service fee” as “union dues”, and is just 3 dollars less that what union members pay to belong to AFSCME. It is also interesting to note that supervisors and anyone who is in a managerial position is EXEMPT from this charge, yet contractual workers, who are not considered to be represented, have to pay. Thanks to this political ploy, my paycheck WITH the Bonus, is now FOURTEEN DOLLARS LESS than what is was previously. Next year when the bonus is over, I will be making less than I was five years ago, with inflation higher than it ever was.

It is estimated that approximately $18 million tax dollars will pass through Maryland workers paychecks to AFSCME this fiscal year, here.

Cardin will benefit too!

And, don’t forget in addition to Obama benefiting from Maryland tax dollars in 2012, we know that Senator Ben Cardin LOVES AFSCME—here he is on the AFSCME website photographed at the Far Left Netroots (aka Nutroots) convention in June.

See our category on Union Organizing here for more information.


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