Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 18, 2011

Ben Cardin was to the left of Socialist Bernie Sanders in 2009, tied in 2010

When I told you about Senator Ben Cardin of the big bucks, here, a few days ago, I wondered to myself whether Cardin was the most liberal US Senator (since Obama went to the White House).  So, seemingly on cue appears this story in my in-box from PolitiFact a few weeks ago about  Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio where a Republican is gearing up to challenge Brown and talking about Brown’s liberal voting record—calling him to the Left of avowed socialist Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

The article tells us Brown is actually tied with Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland and others (Sanders, Mikulski too) in 2010 for the distinction of being the farthest Left US Senator.

From PolitiFact Ohio:

But as National Journal and others noted, Brown was actually in a nine-way tie for the title of most liberal. The other eight were Sanders, the Vermont independent who considers himself a socialist (in the tradition of social democracies like Sweden, Norway and Finland); Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid; and Democrats Ben Cardin and Barbara Mikulski of Maryland, Patrick Leahy of Vermont, Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow of Michigan and Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island.

In 2009, Cardin ranks even higher!

Brown has been a senator since 2007, and since lawmakers are often judged on their entire records, we wanted to see how he ranked in the other years. According to National Journal, he was tied for “Most Liberal” again in 2009, this time with four others: Cardin, Whitehouse, Roland Burris of Illinois and Jack Reed of Rhode Island. Sanders came in at 38th. This is where Mandel gets the claim that “Bernie Sanders, who’s a socialist, is to the right” of Brown.

So, it sure looks like in 2009, Sanders is to the Right of Ben Cardin too!

I hope all those Republicans lining up in Maryland to challenge Cardin for the US Senate seat are working as hard as this guy, Republican Josh Mandel, in Ohio to point out every Socialist move Cardin makes.



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