Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 17, 2011

Obama’s backdoor amnesty and how the MD Dream Act fits in

Given the fact that there is not much chance of a full blown blanket Amnesty being passed and signed into law in the foreseeable future (mostly due to the enormous public outcry by the forerunners of the Tea Party movement who killed the Kennedy/McCain/Bush Amnesty a few years back), Obama has begun small incremental quasi-amnesties and one of those is for FOREIGN COLLEGE STUDENTS (you know like those Maryland illegal “kids” who want their college educations subsidized by taxpayers).

Before I go into the details of what Obama is doing with F-1 visas, I want to relate a little story.   For years I’ve wondered why big businesses would hire immigrant labor for jobs such as meatpacking and other factory/warehouse work when the employer would often have huge problems with language and cultural barriers (like Muslims demanding prayer breaks) when trying to keep a smooth operation at the workplace and when everyone knows there are Americans who need work.

So, just a couple of nights ago I ran into a floor supervisor at a food processing facility in Western Maryland and I was told that they continually get a steady flow of immigrant labor (I learned that an “agency” brings the foreign workers) and everyone in the factory is aware, but they don’t know the details, that someone is picking up part of the salary for these workers.  In other words the company is getting some financial benefit to hire the immigrant labor which they don’t receive when hiring Americans.  I asked if they can’t find Americans to do the work at this company, the response:  We turn people away every day.

Put that bit of information with this about Obama’s backdoor amnesty:

The new F-1 visa “deals” for immigrant college students and for business.

Please read this timely and important report from David North of the Center for Immigration Studies entitled, ‘America’s collection of quasi-amnesties.’

….. given the slim chances for any legislative action on comprehensive immigration reform, the Obama administration might take administrative action to extend the already existing quasi-amnesty programs still further. Or create brand new ones. In that regard it is useful to review what the administration has done along these lines in the last two and a half years.

Among the programs you should learn about, North discusses Temporary Protected Status which I’ve mentioned here at PTPR on several occasions (review our Immigration fraud category)—that is the program responsible for “temporary” (now decades long!) amnesty for many of Maryland’s Central Americans connected with CASA de Maryland.

But, it’s the F-1 Student Visas that have given me a shock this morning.   (Please read this carefully)  This will help us all understand that it isn’t just about the kids!  It is about amnesty and about a financial benefit to businesses which hire the (illegal) immigrant college-educated kids to the detriment of your American college kids!

This all helps to explain why big businesses support immigrant advocate groups like CASA de Maryland—it helps their bottomline (probably in more ways then one)!   This is also a prime example of “corporatism” which Jonah Goldberg describes at length in “Liberal Fascism” where certain companies out-compete the competition by using government regulations/benefits (tax favors!) to destroy competing businesses.

North at CIS:

Foreign (F-1) Students.

There were two quite separate actions in this regard, one presumably taken on State Department initiative and totally understandable [not understandable to me, but I include it here so as not to destroy the flow of North’s commentary—ed], and another, taken by DHS alone, that I regard as deplorable.

The State Department must have played a role in the decision (formally made by ICE) to allow Libyan students to get EADs [Employment Authorization Documents] for longer hours of paid employment than they normally could have had with their F-1 visas. The basic notion (not quite stated this way) was that with the U.S. bombing their home country these students might be getting less financial support from their parents than usual, hence they should be allowed to seek additional employment. Similar arrangements have been made in the last two years about Haitian F-1 students, but since these students were also covered by the much more sweeping provisions of TPS, I did not define those minor F-1 actions as constituting a separate quasi-amnesty.

More significantly, the Department of Homeland Security, earlier in the year, made a little-noticed decision to give thousands of F-1 graduates of U.S. colleges and universities a remarkable advantage over U.S. college graduates in the same disciplines.

Employers were, in effect, granted as much as $10,000 each in bonuses if they hired an F-1 graduate in, say, Animal Industries, or in Management Science, rather than a permanent resident alien [such as a refugee or other LEGAL immigrant category—ed] or citizen graduate in the same field. The financial break comes because such employers were given 29 months of freedom from having to pay the usual payroll taxes for such workers.

Further the F-1 graduates were granted not only these months without paying their part of the FICA and Medicare taxes, they were also given an extra 17 months of legal employment in this country.

The mechanism for the granting of extra employment time in the country, and the reduction in tax payments, came through one of those multitudinous loopholes in the immigration law.

ICE has the task of defining the permitted economic activity of F-1 students; it has had, for years, an Optional Practical Training provision, which allowed such students to work in the United States with their F-1 visa for a year of training after graduation. ICE then decided to extend that period for 17 additional months for people with a long list28 of academic specialties.

It’s a bonanza for the foreign graduates and for their employers, and a disaster for competing legal resident college graduates.

The Parasites will devour the host!

CASA, Gustavo Sandinista Torres, Gov. O’Malley (the Democrats including Joseph E. Sandler) and big businesses (the new slave masters) need to get the foreign “kids” in college (the Maryland Dream Act), then get them working in order to buy time for the Amnesty which will in turn inevitably create new Democrat voters.

Come to think of it, I wonder could the Maryland Chamber of Commerce be in on the parasitic relationship too?

Endnote:  The F-1 visa doesn’t explain my factory scenario I opened with above, but if there is this generous tax benefit for a company to hire foreign (illegally in the US in the first place) college-educated employees, there is likely something else in the tax code that gives bennies to companies hiring unskilled foreign labor too.  And, you know what, the turnover of unskilled immigrant labor is high at these factory jobs and now I wonder if it’s involuntary turn-over? With the federal tax incentive ending after a certain number of months, the greedy business just  gets a whole new batch of immigrants and casts off the ones whose usefulness has expired along with the tax break that accompanied them.   We need to call in the social “justice” crowd (where are the Quakers?) to investigate this, oh never mind, it’s they who support this injustice to immigrants by their silence!


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