Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 16, 2011

Check out who owns a piece of MD Senator Ben Cardin

Yesterday the Baltimore Sun reported that Ben Cardin is rolling in the big bucks.

Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin will report raising more than $1 million in the second quarter of this year for his 2012 reelection effort, a roughly 32 percent uptick in fundraising from the first quarter, his campaign said Thursday.

More than 1,300 individuals gave to the campaign, according to the announcement, and the Maryland Democrat received the majority of his donations from state residents. Cardin will report having $1.8 million in the bank.

Cardin, who is considered a safe bet for reelection by nonpartisan political observers such as the Cook Political Report, had $1 million on hand at the end of April. The latest figures suggest he spent around $200,000 in the second quarter.

It is really fun (if you don’t throw up in the process) to have a look at the Federal Election Commission website to see what huge pacs are giving him money—there are unions, and big banks/financial institutions, drug companies and hospitals (that’s why he was so pugnacious in those statewide Obamacare hearings last year, protecting his financial interests).

I’ve only scanned the list but one HUGE funder that jumped off the page was the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).  You all know SEIU by now as the communist-inspired union that we heard more about yesterday—-remember they are friends of Gustavo Sandinista Torres, here.

Cardin, not only an admirer of Mr. Sandinista, was also the only US Senator to attend the recent Netroots convention (go back to that post and follow links back to see a smiling Cardin with a sign that says “Collective Bargaining is the American Way”).

See which of your local big shots give money to Cardin too!  Also, check out the list of individual donors—you will likely spot some local developers as I did.   See which of your friends and neighbors are donating to the Socialist Ben Cardin.

As we approach the critical 2012 election, make it a habit to regularly check with the Federal Election Commission to see where a candidate’s funds are coming from (if it doesn’t make you ill, that is)!

For more on Senator Ben Cardin visit my category, Cardin Watch! here.



  1. Thanks, Ann. I was on the Ron Smith Show with Cardin Friday, and got to ask a question. My question was why do we hear so much from you about how you are going to solve every problem facing us, but yet pawn all of the work off on various commissions. I brought up the Simpson-Bowles commission which convened for weeks, came up with a useless conclusion(read: bi-partisan) then was basically ignored. Somewhat to his credit, Cardin answered, “You are right!” and acknowledged the fact that Congress does this, but then launched into a predictable diatribe about working together(Cardin votes party line 99.2% of the time), the need for compromise, etc. Another non-answer answer. Ron later stated that Uncle Ben never seems to get upset, and just rolls along. Let’s see, 4(or 5?) wars we are in, $14 Trillion in debt, 9.2% un-employment, 191 out of 191 ranking for trade imbalance, Moody’s thinking about lowering our rating. I think I might be a little upset.

  2. […] lot of things piling up to post, but I thought it was a good juxtaposition to do this post after I just reported how the FAR Left MD Senator Ben Cardin is rolling in […]

  3. Speaking of SEIU and Cardin, SEIU Local 32B produced non other than Maria Robalino, who happens to be the V.P. of guess who? Casa De Maryland. What a small world it is. Go to Casa de Maryland’s website and click on “about us,” you may find a few more interesting tidbits.

    • Thanks for the tip Greg, more coming soon on CASA! in a continuing know your enemy series.

  4. […] Gustavo Sandinista Torres that CASA de Maryland loves the SEIU (and SEIU loves CASA!) and so does MD Senator Ben Cardin who has happily taken tens of thousands of dollars (close to $50,000!) from the union bullies in […]

  5. […] I told you about Senator Ben Cardin of the big bucks, here, a few days ago, I wondered to myself whether Cardin was the most liberal US Senator (since Obama […]

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