Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 15, 2011

Gustavo Torres: Just your friendly Sandinista warrior next door

It is very important that you all read the fawning piece at the Washington Post yesterday about CASA de Maryland’s executive director, Gustavo Torres.   I can’t impress upon you enough the need to KNOW YOUR ENEMY as we Tea Party-minded people work to save Maryland from the Communists—yes Communists.   You must start to learn to use that word!    The Left has trained Americans (through the media and through our educational system) to not let that word come from our mouths—Communists, Marxists*—go ahead and say it.

The Sandinistas are Communists, they are in America, they are in Maryland.  Gustavo Torres is one of them.  He says so to the Washington Post reporter.

I know many of you have been busy with the signature drive to get a referendum on the ballot for 2012 and thus allow voters to decide if illegal alien college students will be supported by the taxpayers, but this is just the beginning.  Torres tells us that the bill is symbolic and is part of his own climb to more power.  The referendum is symbolic for us too, so be prepared for a major fight going forward to 2012—a hard fight for the future of Maryland.

The Washington Post Gustavo Torres lovefest story begins with a symbolic discussion of CASA de Maryland’s success in acquiring a Langley Park mansion (a symbol to them of Capitalism which they, the Communists, have acquired), as Torres invites the SEIU honchos and Maryland’s leading political figures to the mansion refurbished with Maryland taxpayer money.

Gustavo Torres is everywhere and nowhere, like air, an essential quality for a movement man. Tonight, it also makes him the perfect anxious host, dressed in a plain suit and tie that help him disappear. He chats up this cluster of guests here, reappears by that new clump of visitors there, then surfaces again in another room altogether — until everyone feels at home in one of the great mansions of suburban Washington.

“Welcome to CASA; this is your house!” he says, opening his arms as wide as Jay Gatsby beckoning friends into a dream come true.


“This has got to be the snazziest office of any immigrant-rights organization in the country,” says Eliseo Medina, secretary-treasurer of the Service Employees International Union. “The people who started this plantation, if only they had known it would become the People’s home.”


The ostensible purpose of the evening is to honor Medina, along with SEIU President Mary Kay Henry. But in their remarks, the speakers can’t help paying homage to Torres and CASA.

“I’d like to say I’m here for Mary Kay and Eliseo, but when Gustavo Torres calls, I generally get in my car and go over and ask him what he wants,” says Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot.

The article goes on to tell us what other big names Torres has in his rolodex—including of course Governor Martin O’Malley.  And, don’t forget Joseph E. Sandler, CASA’s lawyer and Democrat Party big dog, who was likely responsible for getting this story planted at the Post in the first place (and at this time!).  Sandler isn’t mentioned by the Post because he is one of those Democrat operatives who see themselves as the behind-the-scene sort of guys—the fixers, the puppetmasters—but you should make him a household name.

There is so much in the article at the WaPo that I would be all day telling you about it.  So PLEASE READ THE POST STORY! Study it carefully—know your enemy!

The Dream Act is vital to Torres (and his Communist friends) future success and to their goals of bringing “positive social change” (but I must say Torres blew it so far in not anticipating the outpouring of opposition realized by petition signature gatherers, so he doesn’t strike me as being ten-feet tall as the Post depicts him here).

The Post continues:

There’s a subtext of anticipation for the Maryland legislative session, when Torres will help lead a coalition pushing to allow undocumented Maryland high school graduates to pay in-state college tuition. But why stop there?

“I’ve started to lobby Gustavo,” Medina says. “Are you just a CASA of Maryland? How about a CASA of the East? A CASA of the United States?”


The Dream Act is symbolically huge, he knows, one of the few pro-immigrant bills passed anywhere in the country this year. And yet, at most, it will benefit just a few hundred students annually.

Now, let’s see if the Washington Post will give equal space to news when the signatures are certified later this month in the successful petition drive for a 2012 referendum on in-state tuition for those “few hundred students.”

Remember, they will try to make this all about the “kids.”  They want you and your neighbors to engage in that debate—what is best and fair for the kids.   It is not about the kids (aka pawns), it’s about the future of Maryland and America.   Will we move further down the path to Communism?  Will we be able to stop Gustavo Torres and his Communist union friends?  Are we brave enough to stop them, and him?  The answer is Yes! We can do this!

* Marx was an atheist, but it’s important for you to know that in order for Communism to succeed in America, the Communists needed to get to the churches and they have.  Learn more about the Religious Left, here.


  1. Re the semantics of the use of Communism/Marxism; dead on. I have had the phrase struck from my columns twice by the Frederick News-Post for no good reason, when used in best context as in from the Cold War, to an innocent piece contrasting old and new movies of the Karate Kid. They also won’t go with PRC (as in People’s Republic of China) fyi…… See: is the actual, and what it SHOULD have said is in my [corrected in RED blog post] here:

    Real media bias!

  2. To your last point concerning religion and churches: A Catholic church in Pa. actually posted in their church bulletin asking the congregation to NOT sign the petition concerning in-state tuition fees. (I thought this was a Maryland bill?)

    Fox News, July 13, 2011: Sen. Dick Durbin calling on churches, synagogues, and mosques to carve out time this fall to discuss the dream act with their congregations. Several Jewish, Christian, and muslim leaders have joined Durbin in supporting the idea.

    Beware! When you go to church this Sunday, you may be being spoon fed more than the gospel.

    What ever happened to that whole separation of church and state thing?

    • Yeh, and come to think of it where is the ACLU when it comes to separation of the Leftwing church and state? A friend suggested the other day that if these Leftwing churches want to engage in lobbying against the taxpayers maybe we should expect that they no longer be tax exempt. They could pay property tax too on all their expensive real estate.

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    • Yes, I’m not sure how to go about it, but these churches need to lose their tax exempt status!

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