Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 8, 2011

Validated petition signatures cross the threshold

The Maryland State Board of Elections has now validated over the magic number of 55,736 signatures to get the issue of taxpayer support for illegal alien college tuition on the ballot in 2012.

Below is one of many reports that will surely be all over the news today.

From Jim Simpson at the DC Examiner:

Delegates Neil Parrott and Pat McDonough declared victory today in their petition drive to put the Maryland DREAM Act to referendum in 2012. The Maryland Board of Elections announced certification of 63,118 petitions – 7,382 or 13 percent more than the 55,736 needed. When counting is done, Delegate Parrot forecasts that validated signatures will exceed 95,000.

This is a huge win for Maryland in its battle with the sanctuary state policies of Governor Martin O’Malley and his Democrat allies in the legislature.


This preliminary victory does not bode well for the Democrat Party, even in this darkest of blue states. Fully 30 percent of petitions came from Democrats. Another 15 percent were unaffiliated. Over half of the petitions recieved from Baltimore City were from Democrats.

I notice the Hagerstown Herald Mail is still reporting inaccurately that the illegal students or their families must PAY taxes.  They do not have to pay taxes only file a tax return—just one more way the dominant local media skews the facts.  They don’t like Del. Neil Parrott at the Herald Mail (they actively campaigned against him) and this must really kill them to report the success of the drive!

By the way, you too can check the validation numbers daily by going here (click on link for verification status).



  1. Don’t forget ACLU. We need 56,000 hand-collected signatures to avoid their lawsuit about online petitions not being allowed by MD law. Throw in a few thousand more to compensate for CASA challenges. It’s going to be closer than you might think.

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