Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 8, 2011

Any day now O’Malley pay-off to unions begins

I wondered why there was so much traffic to PTPR posts on forced union dues from some months back, but I see it’s because state workers, unhappy with having their pay checks automatically deducted and their money being funneled to AFSCME must now be facing the reality.

From the Baltimore Sun:

Maryland’s largest state employee union is set to begin collecting fees from nonmembers this month — a move that sets up the Maryland chapter of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees for what could be a $4.7 million gain over the fiscal year.

AFSCME sees the additional money as a matter of fairness, since the union negotiates contracts with the state on behalf of all its bargaining members, though fewer than half pay dues. Union officials say the extra money will allow them to improve services.

But some of the 12,500 state workers who will find as much as a $389 bite out of their annual pay criticize the new fees.

“People like me, I don’t have a lot of faith in unions,” said Michael White, who works for the Motor Vehicle Administration in Glen Burnie.

The fees — which will also be collected by smaller unions such as the American Federation of Teachers — are allowed under The Fair Share Act, which the state legislature passed in 2009 largely on a party-line vote. Gov. Martin O’Malley, a pro-labor Democrat who benefited from strong union support in his re-election bid last year, had pushed the measure.

Hundreds of workers are objecting as are some smaller unions.

Del. Gail Bates and other Republican lawmakers say Maryland should be moving to be a more competitive “right to work” state instead of making union membership compulsory.

“To force people to pay to an organization they don’t even want to be part of makes no sense,” the Howard County lawmaker said, adding that two-thirds of state workers have chosen not to be union members. “This is taking away freedom in the workplace.”

Just think! Now AFSCME will have taxpayer big bucks (gratis Gov. Martin O’Malley) to pour into the Obama reelection campaign!



  1. […] as states like Wisconsin get rid of forced union dues it begins in Maryland.   I mentioned, here, earlier this month that state worker pay checks would be docked to send your tax dollars directly […]

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