Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 7, 2011

Islamic diversity-is-beautiful comes to Hagerstown

Update:  More on the “religious” dog killer—is he also a Middle Eastern agitator, here?

Hagerstown came awfully close to a possible ‘honor killing’ in the last week.  But the stepdaughter who defied her “religious” father by owning a dog is alive and the dog is dead.   By the way, most Americans do not know that Islamic fundamentalism puts dogs in the same category as pigs, blood, feces, urine and dead bodies as reviled objects in some branches of the Islamic “faith”—the only “religion” I’ve ever heard of that despises dogs.

Here is the story from the Hagerstown Herald Mail today:

HAGERSTOWN— A Hagerstown man charged with throwing his stepdaughter’s dog in front of a car and threatening to harm her was released Sunday from the Washington County Detention Center after posting a $75,000 bond, according to Washington County District Court records.

Tammam Mocram Al-Barazi, 59, of 15 E. Lee St., was charged by Hagerstown police with second-degree assault, two counts of animal cruelty, mutilating an animal and malicious destruction of property after the dog was killed June 30, court records show.


The stepdaughter said the family had lived on East Lee Street for about a year and Al-Barazi had returned from working in Egypt a month earlier, the statement said. She told police she acquired the black poodle-mix while Al-Barazi was out of the country, court records show.

The stepdaughter told the officer that Al-Barazi “does not approve of her owning a dog due to their religious beliefs” and had threatened on several occasions to kill the animal, the statement said. The document did not state the religion of Al-Barazi or his family.  [Note how politically correct we have become that we can’t even mention the word “Islam.”]

Read about how Al-Barazi killed the girl’s pet.

The officer spoke with one of the stepdaughter’s brothers, who corroborated her account and stated that Al-Barazi told her “she would be next,” the statement said.

While questioning Al-Barazi, the officer saw two suitcases by the door and Al-Barazi told him he was leaving for Egypt, where he works as a reporter for a magazine, court records show.

As a condition of Al-Barazi’s bond, France ordered that he not have contact with his stepdaughter or leave the state of Maryland while the case is pending.

This story is eerily reminiscent of the tragic story of the Said sisters (also dog lovers), brutally murdered in an alleged Islamic “honor killing”  by their Egyptian father in Texas in 2008.  The father’s complaint—the girls had become too Americanized.  Here is just one of hundreds of stories on the case—from Hot Air.    As far as I know, the Egyptian murder suspect in that case is still at large and some believe he has returned to Egypt.

I hope Judge France was wise enough to yank this guys passport!



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    • This is embarrassing for you as the case has been completely disqualified considering the stepdaughter admitted to lying about a number of statements she made to police. The foremost being that her father had anything to do with the death of the dog. The stepdaughter, her brothers, and her mother were charged with animal cruelty a week after this incident when they bought a new dog and left it in the car in the hot weather as they walked around a mall for hours. Please check your facts!! It makes other bloggers look bad when you do not do your job and report news honestly!!

      • Please send a link to your source for this information. As of yesterday, when I spoke to the court, the case against Al Barazi had not been dismissed.

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