Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 7, 2011

Update: Most charges dropped in Hagerstown dog case

Update February 14, 2012:

Back in July I wondered if the man accused of killing a dog in Hagerstown was the journalist and Muslim “freedom fighter” Tammam al Barazi.  We have confirmed that it was he, but have now also confirmed that most charges were dropped.  He entered an Alford Plea and is on probation on the animal abuse charge.   We do not know if he is still in Hagerstown or in the country for that matter.

Update January 22, 2012:  A reader close to the family tells us he did not kill the dog and that the case was later dismissed, waiting for documentation from the reader about the disposition of the case.

See this morning’s post about the Tammam Al Barazi who was arrested for allegedly killing his stepdaughter’s dog by tossing it in front of a car near their Hagerstown home (yes, Barazi owns the home at 15 E. Lee St, but it is not his primary residence).

It sure looks like the same guy! Go to the Hagerstown Herald Mail today and look at Al Barazi’s mug shot, here.

Now go, here and look at the protester waving the Libyan flag (scroll down to photo 10) in front of the White House in March.   Same guy right!   Guess you would have to conclude that he is a Libyan rebel supporter.

But, now go to Is this the same Syrian journalist who wrote a book on the Assad family in Syria and predicts that the Syrian Army will soon splinter?    (The Herald Mail reported that the alleged dog-killer is a journalist).


“The Syrian army is likely to splinter,” Tammam Al-Barazi, a political activist and author of The Syrian Opposition and the Assad Regime, told Ahram Online. “The army is mostly made up of Sunnis, but the leaders (generals) are Alawites. Meanwhile, the Republican Guard is mostly Alawites under the leadership of Maher, Bashar’s brother.”

Here he is again, looks like more of a source of news (or a maker of news?) than a reporter of the news.  Or, maybe there are lots of Tammam Al-Barazis.

From Oasis:

Tammam al-Barazi, an exiled Syrian journalist who writes for Al-Watan Al-Araby, said the unrest has spread to the campus of Damascus University in Syria’s capital, where he said perhaps 1,500 students conducted a sit-in on Monday.

Barazi’s contacts in Syria told him that armed pro-government thugs in civilian clothes — known as shabinhah in Arabic — had moved to surround the campus.

Here he is questioning a US ambassador about Iraq in 2006:

QUESTION: My name is Tammam Al-Barazi from Alwatan Alarabi magazine. Since you still repeat sovereign Iraq, so are you still in denial that there is no occupation? How can you define sovereignty with the occupation of 140,000-plus American troops?

Then this sure sounds like him at wiki names:

tammam al-barazi is an arab writer and journalist who has been writting about arab politics since 1977 from london &washington…he worked in many arab publications and recently in alwatan alarabi magazine…he is fiercely independant…even al jazeerah tv stopped inviting him to their shows …they see him anti syrian regime and anti iranian ..he is a sunni from hama …the syrian regime killed 17 of his relative in hama intifada in 1982.he published 17 books in arabic.he refuse to conform to the middle of the way writing..he is known for his confrontion-interviews with a lot of arab leaders ..the syrian regime stripped him of the syrian nationality but he is still syrisn and hamawi.he is not allowed in 12 arab coutries..but he still dream of returning to his homeland after the fall of the alawite regime in syria inshaa allah.

I guess Egypt is one of the Arab countries he is allowed to enter since the Hagerstown Herald Mail reported that his bags were packed for Egypt.

It will be interesting to see if we ever hear another word about the Hagerstown “religious” dog killer Tammam Al-Barazi…..[update Feb. 14th, 2012, as far as I know the Hagerstown Herald Mail never mentioned the disposition of this case].

…..because if this is the “journalist and political activist” with that name, don’t be surprised if Barack and Hillary swoop in and save his neck from the animal abuse charges—looks like he is working for them!

But what is he doing in sleepy old Hagerstown?



  1. […] Update:  More on the “religious” dog killer—is he also a Middle Eastern agitator, here? […]

  2. Ann, what a scoop! I hope you’re sending your post out far and wide to journalists.

    • To a few, but I have a feeling the Hagerstown “religious” dog killer story will mysteriously die!

  3. […] want you to scroll down to photo #10.  That is Tammam al-Barazi (a Syrian by birth) who was arrested in the county where I live last month for killing his daughter’s new dog (he threw it in front of traffic).  He […]

  4. all charges have been withdrawn and if you check police reports the stepdaughter has admitted to lying since her stepfather was no where near the dog when it got hit by a car. check your story blogger!

    • Again, please send us a link for your source. As of yesterday the case against Al-Barazi had not been dismissed.

  5. Clearly your more of a National Enquirer gossip defamation blogger than the real accredited news reporters. This entire case was dropped and the stepdaughter admitted she lied. Then she was later charged with animal cruelty and is not allowed to own an animal after leaving a dog in the car in the middle of summer while shopping in a mall. Albarazi is an actual journalist who has books in the Library of Congress and has spent his entire life publicizing the cruelty which the Syrian government has been inflicting on the Syrian people. Only in recents months have mainstream media picked up this crucial human rights story. Do your job and research before publishing lies on the world wide web! And of course keep in mind people generally do not want to be associated with poorly cultured Anti Arab bloggers in 2011.

    • Please send your source for the information you claim to have. I called the SPCA and there were no animal cruelty charges against the girl, no incident of a dog left in a car in Hagerstown.

  6. I wonder if this is the Syrian Journalist Tammam al Barazi who invited me along as his photographer when he interviewed the visiting Sufi leader at a mosque in Greenwich Village, N.Y. In 1982?
    I am still waiting for the copies of the photos Tammam!

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