Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 6, 2011

MD State Board of Elections posts summary account of petitions received

The county tally (not yet verified) has been posted at the SBE website for the number of signatures received from MD Petitions last Thursday, June 30th.  Go here to see what they have so far.  You can click on the verification for May 31st or click on the summary of those delivered on June 30th—74,980!

Top counties are Baltimore, Anne Arundel and Harford.  Less populace counties that beat Montgomery were Carroll, Frederick and Washington.   Where were the Montgomery County Republicans?

Last time it was fun to see the counts as they came in daily, so visit the SBE website often!

Update:  Scott S. has a very informative analysis of the numbers posted by Cecil Calvert, here.



  1. as you know Brad Botwin and Sam Hale live in montgomery county as do i, Jeff Brown Republican Central Committee District 39. Any signatures(and both of the gentlemen i mentioned worked very hard on this) are a victory here. We are awash in crazy liberals and illegal aliens. so-the glass may not be 1/2 full yet but never give up. We had nice ladies from Harford county come to a festival in Rockville and they were well received at GOP tent and by many in the crowd. We can always do more but dont slam folks because they didn’t do as well as a smaller conservative county. We need to work together and on that note hats off to harford county ladies who came into the belly of the beast to work with us. keep up the good work-thanks Ann. jeff

    • Jeff, I know you guys do a great job—but some of those RINO Republicans you have there in Montgomery County who want to run the whole MD GOP are out of touch with most conservative voters in the state! We both know there is a strain of Republicans that is all for open borders and cheap labor and this petition drive has, and will continue to, smoke them out. They ought to at least have the guts to say they are enablers of illegal immigration in Maryland. I have to laugh—when CASA gets around to publishing the signers of the petition we will also be able to see who DIDN’T SIGN THE PETITION!

      • no argument there-we call them brie cheese eating, white wine drinking country club gop. they hate me for being pro-gun and pro-life and a tea party guy but always want help knocking on doors and manning polls and tents. but-its easier(maybe) to change or take over an existing party than to start a new one. i agree with what you say but those of us living here “in-country” can use the help-like the Harford county ladies(one was Bernie)-to get some change. we are here and working from within. it will take time and hard work but we want to do it. don’t write us off yet. jeff

      • Jeff, will be cheering you on!

  2. For the May count, Somerset had 50 and Garrett had 109. Not bragging, well, maybe a little, but I got 50 in one hour at some of my events. So did many other great volunteers from Harford, Carroll, and other Counties. This really goes to show how dis-connected the R Party is in this State. Where were the R clubs or Central Committees with their effort in these Counties? I know we did well, but wouldn’t 200,000 really made a statement?

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