Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 4, 2011

Quakers support Gaza Flotilla and urge divestiture of companies that do business with Israel

This is one in what will surely be a series of articles on the RELIGIOUS LEFT

As I said here four days ago, it is vitally important that you know your enemy.  Marxists and Socialists masquerading as faithful peace-loving Christians and Jews have taken over segments of the American religious community.  How better to plant the seeds of socialism then to infiltrate churches and synagogues and claim it is all about “peace.”  Who could be against God and peace?

I’m sure that the takeover began well before 1980, but I am going to posit that in the 1980’s the Sanctuary Movement in the US helped to advance and speed up this takeover through a solidification of mutual interests and by the joint efforts of certain segments of the Catholic Church, some Protestant churches like the Presbyterians, some Jewish groups and of course the Quakers—American Friends Service Committee—which you might call the granddaddy of the whole movement, to move thousands of Central American communists to the US (this is where Maryland comes into the story, see below).

The article that attracted my interest yesterday, hat tip: Ed, is this one about the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) calling for divestiture of a retirement fund from companies that work in Israel.

From NewsMax (Quakers targeting Israel):

A prominent national Quaker organization has joined a campaign urging a large retirement fund to divest its holding in companies it says profit from Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories.

The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), a Nobel Peace Prize-winning Quaker group, announced its support of the “We Divest from Israel’s Occupation” campaign, which has significant Jewish support.

The campaign asks TIAA-CREF, one of the world’s largest retirement funds and manager of AFSC’s employee accounts, to divest from companies including Caterpillar, Motorola, Elbit, Veolia, and Northrop Grumman.


The AFSC board said they were joining the campaign “as a matter of conscience and an expression of our unwillingness to remain complicit with violence and oppression occurring daily in Palestine and Israel, which is contrary to all that we know to be true and right.”

Note that the article mentions Jews who are also against Israel (yes, Israel also has its Hard Left).

Here we learned that AFSC supported the Gaza Flotilla last time and surely they do this summer as well.  On a side note, see the happy news that the ‘Audacity of Hope’ has been held up by Greek authorities here.

There is more you should read about the AFSC at Discover the Networks:


  • Supported the Vietnamese Communists, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, and the PLO

So it’s no surprise now that they also support Hamas. Did anyone tell the Quakers that Hamas isn’t too peaceful!   While I’m on the subject of Hamas and the Gaza Flotilla, please take a few minutes to watch the brilliant Caroline Glick and her Israeli friends sing their version of ‘We are the World! (aka We con the world!)’   I’ve watched this production a dozen times!  Tea Party readers!  Stand with Israel!

So how does all this about Leftist Quakers have any relevance for Maryland and our present situation with illegal immigration?

Meet Marylander Bette Rainbow Hoover presently of Just Peace Circles, Inc, but an activist Quaker for many decades including many years with the AFSC.

Bette Hoover founded CASA de Maryland in 1985* at the height of the Sanctuary Movement with “friends” at the Takoma Park Presbyterian Church.   Until 2008, CASA stood for Central America Solidarity Association.  The church was one of five locations in Maryland where Central Americans were brought to the US through the illegal Sanctuary Movement—most of the illegal aliens were communist so-called “refugees” escaping American government support for the dominant governments in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala in Central America and Columbia in South America.

I say they were mostly communists because in fact the Sanctuary Movement had serious divisions within the movement over the question of whether they were helping and giving humanitarian aid to everyone who wanted to leave Central and South America or only those “refugees” with the “correct” Leftist political views.  The Chicago wing of the Sanctuary Movement (the Catholic Liberation Theology activists) pressed for only bringing the right kind of “refugees”—LOL! their Christian charity didn’t extend to right-wing migrants—and they prevailed.

So, back to Bette…just your sweet old granny next door?

From Bette Hoover’s website for her organization Just Peace Circles we learn:

Bette Hoover (also known as Bette Rainbow Hoover) has taken a stand for peace with justice for many decades. Her nonviolent activism has taken her to Israel, Nicaragua, East Africa, Washington, DC and many other places far from her Lancaster County, PA birthplace.

She lived and worked on a collective settlement in Northern Galilee, Israel, where her living room frequently was the site of lively dialogue among her Arab, Jewish Israeli and European Christian friends and neighbors.

Upon her return to the States, she became active in the National Organization for Women as an officer and board member. She organized CROP walks for hunger and marches for peace. In the 80’s she founded a center for solidarity and assistance for refugees from the civil wars in Central America. .

Maryland State Police terror watch list

More recently, Hoover’s name came up on the Maryland State Police terror watch list that caused a HUGE ruckus in Maryland when it was revealed by the ACLU in 2008, here.

The Washington Post reported at length about the furor over surveillance by the police (supposedly at the behest of the Federal government) of just folks involved with “peace.” Of course it was all blamed on Bush and Governor Bob Ehrlich and the new Superintendent of Police, Terrence B. Sheridan, apologized and ordered that those on the list be notified and then their files erased.  (Ha! Ha! I wonder if some friends of O’Malley were on the list! Couldn’t have that, no indeed!).

Here is Ms. Rainbow Hoover outraged with the fact that her name was on the list.   Funny, that she doesn’t mention that she founded CASA de Maryland to support illegal aliens transported to Maryland by the illegal “underground railroad” of the Sanctuary movement.   What do you think, should she have been on a watch list?

The long-time normally serene peace activist spoke out publicly for the first time how she felt after learning last fall she was among the more than 50 peace, environmental and social justice activists the Maryland State Police had labeled terror suspects.

“Initially I was in disbelief and then I was numb,” Hoover said Sunday. “I couldn’t bring myself to talk about it with anyone for months.”

Currently an adjunct instructor at Howard Community College and director of a conflict resolution nonprofit, Hoover’s ordeal began with a “chilling” letter Oct. 3, 2008 letter from Col. Terence B. Sheridan, the state police superintendent.

Read it all.

Today, thanks to people like Bette and her “friends,” the Washington, DC area has the highest concentration of Central Americans of any metropolitan area in the US—many are here illegally, but sheltered by Temporary Protected Status(TPS) as they lobby and hold peace marches demanding permanent amnesty.  See the Pew Hispanic Center report, page 4, on the “diversity” or breakdown of the “Hispanic” population of the DC area.  See TPS designated countries, here.

If you just spent weeks collecting signatures for the petition drive for a referendum on in-state tuition for illegal aliens, it’s  the Quaker peace activists and the Catholic and Presbyterian Marxists of the Sanctuary Movement you should be thanking for the hours you could have spent enjoying your own lives with family and friends.

* A search of the Maryland Secretary of State corporate database this  morning turns up the fact that CASA de Maryland’s corporate charter is no longer available.  I’ll be calling tomorrow to find out where it is since I checked it last in May and it was available then.  There were two entries at that time— one was Bette’s incorporation document in 1985 (Bette was the resident agent for CASA) and CASA’s name change in 2008—LOL! CASA got rid of the Central American Solidarity Association part of their name that year.

Update:  That is weird—CASA’s incorporation is back today, here (hope the link opens for you).  Betty Hoover incorporated CASA on 2/28/1985 using the address of the Takoma Park Presbyterian Church.



  1. Betty Rainbow Hoover..the serene blank uncomprehending face. She has no
    idea of the number of crimes, murders, gangs, drug deaths all can be traced
    to her simple minded insanity of bringing Latin American culture enmasse to
    the United States. A country of magnifcent success and a definite
    European based culture wasnt good enough for Ms. Hoovers utopian day dreams. No no her befuddled abstract mind couldnt tolerate anything so definite and demanding and focused as a national identity with real demands and real standards. Standards that would expose her profound nothingness.. Instead she screamed the Orwellian slogan Diversity is Our Strength …while avoiding looking at the chaos, the ruin that is Diversity. .America the Last Great Hope of Mankind has been turned
    into a Third World ghetto by the likes of her. The poverty, the pain the paralysis of the New America has only just begun. Future generations trying to find out what went wrong
    will scarcely believe so much disaster could come from such a non entity
    as Betty Rainbow Hoover.

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