Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 1, 2011

Tea Party Power: Maryland petition drive succeeds beyond wildest expectations

Update!  No sooner had a I posted this, thanks to Judy, I see that AP makes my point about the RELIGIOUS LEFT!  (See Addendum below.)

Late last night a group of determined citizens led by Delegate Neil Parrott (R-Washington Co.) delivered an additional 75,000 signatures to the Secretary of States Office in Annapolis bringing further evidence that there are at least 130,000 outraged voters who don’t want their tax dollars used to educate illegal aliens.

Here is the Baltimore Sun this morning:

Opponents of a new law to extend in-state tuition discounts to illegal immigrants delivered nearly 75,000 more signatures to the state Thursday, a number they believe is more than enough to keep the measure off the books until voters have their say.

After submitting more than 47,000 valid signatures last month, they needed fewer than 8,500 more to be certified by the State Board of Elections to get the law onto the 2012 ballot.

If they are successful, it would be the 18th time in Maryland history that a law approved by the General Assembly was sent to voters for reconsideration.

Volunteers carried boxes of petitions into the office of the secretary of state in Annapolis shortly before 9 p.m. The deadline was midnight.

Del. Neil Parrott, the Washington County Republican who has led the petition drive, expressed confidence. “We can’t break the rules for some people,” he said. “We are a nation of laws.”

When Parrott announced the drive two months ago, even opponents of the law were skeptical of the chances of success, given the state’s strict rules for petitions.

But the effort was boosted by the organizers’ sophisticated use of the Internet, simmering frustration over the economy and a deep mistrust among some over how the Democratic-controlled General Assembly spends taxpayer dollars.

Read the whole Baltimore Sun article.

Tea Party Push

Although the effort to collect signatures involved many segments of Maryland’s conservative political community, those close to the effort are fully aware that it was Tea Party-minded grassroots driving the process.  Indeed, Neil Parrott’s base of support, responsible for propelling him into office last year came from the grassroots group, Hagerstown Tea Party which Parrott founded in 2009.

Update:  Even Fox News is reporting the victory here.

Beware the Religious Left!

Should the referendum be approved for the 2012 ballot, and by all accounts that appears likely, the Baltimore Sun article this morning also reports that  some Maryland ‘church leaders’ will be campaigning across the state in SUPPORT of taxpayer-funded tuition for illegal aliens.    I know for many people of faith this is confusing—how can “churches” condone such an illegal act?

Readers really must start to understand the power and the history of the RELIGIOUS LEFT.*  Frankly the mainstream media saturated the public with criticism of the “Religious Right” decades ago, and remained silent about the growing power of the Left, indeed there are Socialists and Marxists who are taking over segments of the religious community in the US.  This takeover is mostly occurring within some segments of the Catholic Church, the Presbyterian Church and within the Quaker community, but others are not immune to the lure of a Socialist-revolutionary siren song.

In 2008,  most of us I suspect saw Reverend Wright (Obama’s former pastor) as just a kook with his crazy “Liberation Theology” message of anger and hate.    But, Reverend Wright and Liberation Theology need to be taken seriously.  Liberation Theology came out of Central and South America; and Liberation Theology was the underpinning of the Sanctuary Movement which brought thousands of Socialist/Marxist-leaning so-called refugees from places like Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras,  and El Salvador to Maryland (also some from South America including Columbia).  They then, in turn, are working to gain political power through embedding themselves in the political process in ‘soft’ locations, like Maryland.

Indeed, the Takoma Park Presbyterian Church where CASA de Maryland was founded in 1991, was a hub in the Underground Railroad (they purposefully used the name associated with slavery) of the Sanctuary Movement which had its largest centers in Tucson, AZ and Chicago, IL (Obama and Reverend Wright!), but Maryland was another stop on the line.   The Takoma Park Presbyterian Church still houses Leftist political organizers including some of CASA’s activities.  And, did you know, illegal aliens can vote in Takoma Park elections!

I’ll have more later, I just want readers to not be confused if and when your church “leaders” begin admonishing you about your position on illegal immigration.  Know that this is about what form of government we will have going forward and has NOTHING to do with your faith in God.  They have just figured out how to hide behind faith to promote their Socialist/Marxist world view.

Bottomline for Tea Party people of faith, this is not about your faith and whether you are a good person leading a Bible-centered life—so don’t let them shake you!  If you see this Leftist (Socialist) takeover appearing in your house of worship (the “social justice” verbiage is a dead give away), find another church or synagogue.

*  I recommend that readers begin using the phrase RELIGIOUS LEFT and maybe, just maybe, the mainstream media will get around to doing the same—-but don’t hold your breath!


The Washington Post published the news via an AP story (what no WaPo reporter had the time?) and lo and behold, look what they say:

Earlier in the day, religious leaders and students rallied to highlight how the measure would create a stronger workforce and increase social opportunities for all.

The Rev. Paul Johnson, a clergy leader from the Maryland Industrial Areas Foundation, described the measure as “a small step in the right direction of making Maryland a just state or all its residents.”

No explanation to readers that the Industrial Areas Foundation was founded by radical community organizer Saul Alinsky (Rules for Radicals—you know the book Alinsky dedicated to LUCIFER).   I told you about them here in March.  We are led to believe that the Maryland Industrial Areas Foundation is just your friendly Christians down the street and not a cog in the RELIGIOUS LEFT political machine to transform America into a socialist country.



  1. Great post, Ann. The Catholic Church’s political positions vary from area to area, depending on the bishop. And of course some priests go off the reservation no matter what their bishop says. As for the Quakers, that church became mostly radicalized decades ago. They were huge supporters of the Sandinistas in Nicaragua in the 80s, among other radical activities. I say “mostly radicalized” because there are still Quakers who are not radicals.

    Mark Tooley is one of the best writers on the religious left. Here’s his archive on FrontPage Magazine. There’s a wealth of information in his columns.

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  3. Thanks for sharing the aptly put phrase religious left. Folks should also stay on top and correct those that write illegals must pay taxes to qualify for sb167 when in fact the bill states FILED TAXES. As all should know in the case of illegals filing taxes the vast majority pay zero income taxes. Does the religious left know that the average college tuition cost in Mexico is app. $ 300. That means a legal guest worker in the good old USA can pick beans for 1 week to keep his kid in college in his own country for an entire semester.

  4. I think that this issue IS arguably about faith. In fighting socialism and illegal immigration we are standing up for the commandment “thou shalt not steal” and protecting the last, great Christian nation.

    In Socialist and Marxist countries there is little to know religion as their philosophies generally contradict Christianity. I guarantee you the CASA churches, Reverend Wright, and all other Marxist and socialist churches are not preaching the Gospel and saving souls in their church. They are simply manipulating the church to gain political power.

    Our Founders were devoted Christians and they gave us this country founded on Biblical principles. By standing up for what is right and stopping marxism we are doing our Christian duty by protecting our nation and rights.

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  6. Please read: On the Immorality of Illegal Immigration, by Father Patrick J. Bascio. He poses an alternative Christian view. He worked in South American, Harlem, and is an expert in this area. You will find your views on illegal immigration have strong moral foundation. I could not put the book down, stopped questioning myself, and I cannot recommend it more highly.

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