Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 1, 2011

Maryland petitioners! Know your enemy!

CASA de Maryland has more than your names and addresses!  Their lawyer, Joseph E. Sandler, requested all communications the State Board of Elections had with our leaders!

Readers, I can’t implore you enough to please read and understand who we are up against in the Petition to Referendum drive just completed yesterday (here).  This is a huge national issue on-going in Maryland and we can’t treat it like it’s just a little political disagreement between two well-meaning groups of people with differing views.

The other day I told you about Joseph E. Sandler, former general counsel for the Democrat National Committee, here.  I called him the “enforcer” here.     Please, please learn about him!  People like Sandler (Harvard-educated, Washington insider and fixer) are used to working behind he scenes—you need to make his name a household name!

We have breaking news, thanks to excellent reporting by a Maryland Reporter investigator, that not only did Sandler request (on June 22nd) from the State Board of Elections every name and address of petition signers validated at that point, but he requested all communications between MD Petitions (Del Neil Parrott and his staff) and the State Board of Elections and all communications between Help Save Maryland and the SBE.

Maryland Reporter:

Casa de Maryland, an immigrants’ rights advocacy group, sent the State Board a Public Information Act request on June 22, asking for information pertaining to, the petitioners, and database information for all submitted petition signatures.

In the letter from Casa attorney Joseph Sandler, he requested “. . . all records in the custody and control of the State Board of Elections that are communications of any form between the state Board or any of its staff or members on the one hand, and Maryland Delegate Neil Parrott (R-Washington Cnty); Md.Petitionscom and Help Save Maryland: and or any offices or employees of or Help Save Maryland.” Sandler is the former in-house general counsel for the Democratic National Committee.

CASA already has a disk with the full names, addresses and signatures of 57,500 petition signers, which it received on June 22.

In my earlier post this morning, I reported on the Socialist/Marxist RELIGIOUS LEFT and its goals for America and how this petition campaign is important to them, and now we see that Mr. Joseph E. Sandler who was quoted sounding so benign in a Capital article the other day (we have no intention of using the list for anything other than to check the validity of names of signers) is playing hardball and we ignore him at our peril.

Remember, Tea Partiers, the stakes here for America’s future are incalculable!  You may think this is a little fight over a Maryland issue, but the ramifications are enormous!  Are you up for the fight!


  1. The joke might be on Sandler, kind of like the reporters who got the Sarah Palin emails. He’ll find out how concerned the petition people were to follow the law to the letter.

  2. Sandler, beware of whom you tangle with. We have your number!

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  4. […] I said here four days ago, it is vitally important that you know your enemy.  Marxists and Socialists […]

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