Posted by: Ann Corcoran | June 30, 2011

Maryland Petitions over the 100,000 signature mark!

Late this afternoon organizers of the Petition drive to put the question to voters in 2012 about whether taxpayers will subsidize the college educations of illegal aliens announced that they have surpassed their goal of getting 100,000 signatures by today, June 30th.

The State Board of Elections has until July 20th to confirm that there are 55,736 valid signatures among the 100,000 plus submitted.

Look for more news later when petitions are delivered to Annapolis before midnight ending what is by all accounts a historic day for the state of Maryland and its fledgling conservative Tea Party movement.


  1. […] Update (6:45 p.m.)!  The goal has been met and 100,000 signatures are on there way to Annapolis at this very moment, here. […]

  2. Fantastic! Now, who is going to be watching Montgomery college with their enrolling illegals this fall. I was taking business law last fall and the professor brought up the fact that Montgomery College was giving illegals instate tution. She wanted our response, being they are so “vulnerable” and “had no idea they were illegal” in the first place. I explained to her that I was a USA citizen but lived in Canada as a kid. I knew when I was 5 years old, I was not Canadian. Anyway, I continued with they need to become citizens first. The fact that their parents brought them here illegally, the parents are responsible to pay out of state tuition. The subject ended. The teacher was pressing on us California law and how it was precident. She was cold to me after, that tells me it is going to continue.
    Can we ensure illegals are not being given in-state tuition today?

    • Scaggatha, you bring up a really good point because I believe it isn’t just happening at Montgomery College where they are now being sued over the illegal practice. I bet it is happening at every college in Maryland. No one asks students for proof of their immigration status when they sign up at community colleges (or four year colleges)! When I was signature collecting one signer told me that at one local college near where I live, she wanted to give a “persuasive” speech in her speech class (this happened a couple of years ago) about why illegal aliens shouldn’t get in-state tuition. Her professor told her she couldn’t give that speech because the class had some illegal aliens in it who were receiving the taxpayer subsidized lower rates.

      Some of us will be talking about this problem in the near future.

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