Posted by: Ann Corcoran | June 26, 2011

Will the MD State Board of Elections disenfranchise voters at CASA de Maryland’s demand?

Update June 27th (6:55 a.m.):  Outrage!  Contact the Maryland SBE and let them know what you think, here!

Update June 27th (6:15 a.m.):   It has been done already—the Maryland State Board of Elections quietly last week sent your names and addresses to CASA de Maryland, here.

Update June 27th (6:oo a.m.):  Writer/investigator James Simpson charges CASA de Maryland with “Nazi” tactics, here.

With the announcement on Friday that the Maryland State Board of Elections (SBE) will give CASA de Maryland access to, and possession of, petition forms BEFORE THE PETITION DRIVE IS CONCLUDED,  it is this writer’s opinion that the SBE will effectively deter some Maryland voters from exercising their Constitutional right to petition their government in the waning days of the petition drive.

Fear of having all their personal information (in advance of any court challenge) literally in the hands of a group with a reputation such as CASA de Maryland has will no doubt intimidate some voters and keep them from signing the petition in the remaining four days.

Indeed this chilling effect on voters would appear to be the only reason for CASA’s demand at this time and it puzzles us why the Maryland Board of Elections has reportedly acquiesced to such an outrageous demand.

It seems the only prudent response for unhappy voters at this late juncture is to contact the Maryland Board of Elections tonight and tomorrow and politely but firmly express your dissatisfaction with their wrong-headed and politically-charged decision.

Be sure to copy (or call) your elected State Senators and Delegates as well!

Here is the all the contact information for the Maryland State Board of Elections (they open at 8 a.m.).

And below is an e-mail copied to me today by a furious (but polite) Maryland voter just to give you an idea of how others are feeling and the types of concerns some have:

Dear Sirs:

In your Rules and Information page you state: “… but they must respect the secrecy [of] a voter’s ballot….”

It seems to me that signing petitions are essentially the same as casting a vote.   Please tell me why petitions are treated differently.

Also please tell me why CASA de Maryland in particular, as an illegal organization aiding illegal aliens, would be physically handed the petitions?

Shouldn’t the petitions be kept secure, in the same manner as voter ballots?  If not, why not?



[Henry’s full name and contact information was on his original e-mail to the SBE]

Follow Henry’s lead and please take action!



  1. I have also sent letters to the board, my worthless state senator (thought I’d give him a last chance to stand up for citizens), newspaper, and the governor. I have already been contacted by a person who is afraid of being harrassed who signed the petition.

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