Posted by: Ann Corcoran | June 25, 2011

CASA de Maryland demanding petitions Monday….

They want to take everyone’s personal information out of the election board office to copy it!

Richard Falknor at Blue Ridge Forum posted today on Del. Smigiel’s report of the latest outrage from CASA, here.

CASA doesn’t need these petitions at this point in the process and so their demand strikes this writer as a Voter intimidation tactic in the final days of the petition drive!

Here is the contact information for the Maryland Board of Elections, you might want to politely (remember we are the nice people!) suggest that the Board NOT allow CASA to take your personal information down to Kinkos!



  1. Writing the Election Board is a great start, but this also need to be disinfected with the sunshine of publicity. Consider writing the governor and your state senator (if he or she voted for this abysmal bill). Tell them that, whether they agree with our petiton or not, it is their job to protect our rights. They need to be reminded we are watching. Write letters to the editor of newspapers.

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