Posted by: Ann Corcoran | June 24, 2011

Michele Bachmann willing to talk about race; other GOP candidates don’t get it

Well-articulated conservative principles will win over African-American voters, so says author Chidike Okeem in American Thinker today.  Hat tip:  Judy

From American Thinker:

Recently, while speaking at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Michele Bachmann fervently argued that President Obama has failed the African-American community and the Hispanic community. Bachmann went further to affirm that, in the event of her election as president of the United States, her goal would be to create jobs in these heavily disaffected minority communities — and create jobs for Americans as a whole.

While these were merely passing remarks made during her speech, she created seismic waves due to the fact that she deviated from the traditional pusillanimous GOP approach to minority communities by daringly intermingling race with her public policy arguments. As was noted by liberal Salon, Michele Bachmann is the only GOP candidate to have mentioned the 16.2% black unemployment thus far. One would think that such an obvious policy weakness of Obama’s would be something all serious GOP candidates would be hammering at with unyielding ferocity. Except, of course, none of the other candidates possess the brass that Michele Bachmann has to take on the tough racial issues against America’s “first black president.”

It’s not about the “goodies.”  Blacks will join the GOP if they hear the truth about the issues.*

It is time conservatives come to the realization that blacks will never join the Republican Party without racial public policy arguments directed specifically to them. In an ideal world, blacks would join the Republican Party without such efforts from the GOP, but the fact of the matter is that Republicans have allowed their reputation to be sullied by allowing decades of liberal lies to go uncontested without the slightest rejoinder. Republicans have a lot of work to do to counteract the liberal lies that have taken hold in the black community.

Conservatives have been fooled into believing that the only way to attract blacks to the Republican Party is by giving them “goodies.” Contrary to common conservative wisdom, blacks are capable of understanding politics and economics. The fundamental problem is that they’ve only been presented with one sophistical side of the story. Quite simply, the GOP has not articulated why conservative policies are in the interest of blacks, whereas the left expertly promulgates their message in a carefully packaged way — complete with carefully tied ribbons of liberal lies and ostentatious bows of Democratic dishonesty.

Maryland GOP must heed the message!

The Maryland GOP not only has to get with it, but will first have to repudiate and overcome the Ehrlich campaign fiasco revealed last week, called the Schurick Doctrine.  I’m not in the loop so please correct me if I’m wrong, but I sure haven’t heard a peep from establishment Republicans in Maryland disavowing this shocking strategy memo (emphasis mine):

The state prosecutor’s indictments for Henson, 62, and Schurick, 54, describe an Ehrlich campaign document titled “The Schurick Doctrine” with a stated goal “to promote confusion, emotionalism, and frustration among African-American Democrats.”

The document said, according to court papers: “The first and foremost desired outcome [of the Schurick Doctrine strategy] is voter suppression.” The indictment did not identify the document’s author.

(My post on the Ehrlich robocall indictment is here.)

The MD GOP should be moving quickly to investigate and slap down this whole Schurick Doctrine notion including those who created it and then follow Bachmann’s lead on the idea of articulating to minorities conservative principles that should resonate with citizens across the board.

* One issue is controlling illegal immigration.  Those of us working on the Petition drive have seen people first hand (of all colors and races) eager to sign the petition because they see the fundamental unfairness in giving away tax dollars to people who are in the country illegally.


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