Posted by: Ann Corcoran | June 22, 2011

Senator Ben Cardin: A netroots kind of guy

We told you previously that Maryland Senator Ben Cardin was a favorite of the Netroots—those are the inhabitants of the far far (fall-off -the-cliff) Left wing blogosphere.

I had planned to write all about it but got sidetracked with all the petition drive activities on-going in Maryland.  So as not to lose the links and to make some stab at keeping up my Cardin Watch category, below are a few stories about last weeks socialist/union blogger bash.

Progressives vs. Polluters, standing up for the EPA, here.

Getting excited in advance with radical environmentalist, here.

The gang was planning to be there, from Northwest Progressive news, here.

A smiling Cardin standing in support of Wisconsin unions pictured on the AFSCME website, here.

Daily Kos mentions US Senator Ben Cardin, but I don’t see any other US Senator on the list, here.  So, does that make Cardin the farthest Left among Democrats in the Senate?

I guess Cardin isn’t afraid to show where he stands on the political spectrum, but I thought it kind of interesting to see that he didn’t put out any press release about his trip to join the nutroots (oops! netroots) gang out in Minneapolis (here are his recent press announcements).



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  2. […] admirer of Mr. Sandinista, was also the only US Senator to attend the recent Netroots convention (go back to that post and follow links back to see a smiling Cardin with a sign that says “Collective Bargaining is […]

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