Posted by: Ann Corcoran | June 13, 2011

Immigration Services Scams—a window of understanding into immigration fraud opens

Yesterday I told you about how the Obama Administration is going after lawyers and fake lawyers who are doing a lousy job of getting their “clients” through the legal immigration processes available to those who are mostly here illegally.  As a result of incompetence, too many are ending up in deportation proceedings.

Actually that is how I look at it!   They (the Obama government) claim in humanitarian-sounding press releases like this one from the Federal Trade Commission that they care about the poor immigrant who is now facing deportation because his or her lawyer screwed up and took their money in the process!  What I think they are really crying about is that they are losing voters when, in this case Salvadorans, are deported.

In this post, I’m going to record some facts about the government’s case against Loma International (and Servicios Latino Americanos De Maryland) both businesses owned by Manuel and Lola Alban.  The courts will decide if they are guilty of the charges, but for me, the interest is in the opening, if only slightly, of the window of understanding about how illegal immigrants are transformed into legal immigrants—specifically in this case through Temporary Protected Status!

For background (before I get back to the federal complaint against the Albans):

This line of inquiry for me began with an article from the Gazette about ten days ago, and a chance encounter with an Open Borders activist who confronted petitioners in Boonsboro, MD, here.   When asked by me how they could put illegal aliens on the path to citizenship she said through asylum and through “TPS” (as if I wouldn’t know what that stood for).

The Gazette article by Alan Brody tells us this:

Although Los Angeles has a larger number of Salvadoran residents — 414,000 — the D.C. area has the highest concentration of El Salvador natives as a percentage of its overall Hispanic population.


In the past 30 years, the Salvadoran population has exploded in suburban Maryland. “There are so many Salvadorans that you can almost feel quite at home,” she (Del. Ana Sol Gutierrez, D-Dist. 18) said.

With legislative redistricting on the horizon, Gutierrez wants to look at grouping large pockets of Hispanic communities in Wheaton, Aspen Hill and surrounding areas into a single district to provide more representation in Annapolis.

In the D.C. area, 240,000 of 712,000 Hispanics are of Salvadoran descent, according to the Pew report, which is based on data from the 2009 American Community Survey. The region has 95,000 Mexicans and 55,000 Puerto Rican natives.

The article went on to tell us that an employee of CASA de Maryland said that “refugees” from El Salvador were pushing for Temporary Protected Status.   The immigration lobby counts on us not understanding the immigration labyrinth.  Readers, those with TPS may be “documented” (that is what the Albans were doing—getting them documents) but there is no path to citizenship from TPS—they are allowed to stay temporarily!

So, how are they creating large voting blocks (like the one Del Gutierrez envisions)?   Here is my theory— because they lobby Congress (including Senator Ben Cardin) to have TPS extended and extended, eventually everyone just assumes they are US CITIZENS.  When you register to vote, no one ever asks for your citizenship papers!   I can’t prove that those with TPS status are voting illegally, but I expect to in the course of my investigation going forward.

Back to the Complaint against Loma International and the press release from the FTC, here are some of the facts I want to preserve for future reference:

* Consumers paid the Albans tens of thousands of dollars although the Albans are not authorized to provide immigration services (who authorizes someone and how did they get away with this for ten years in Baltimore?).

* The defendants marketed their services in Baltimore through word-of-mouth and distribution of their business card (they must have had some success or the word-of-mouth angle would work against them).

* They began their business in Baltimore at least by February 2001.   For years immigration activists in Maryland would have known they were in business, what changed?

* They specialized in obtaining or renewing Temporary Protected Status (TPS) on behalf of immigrants from El Salvador and Honduras (I am guessing the Albans are Salvadoran).  Just a reminder, TPS is only available to illegal immigrants from certain designated countries and the immigrant must already be in the US when the TPS determination is made (or renewed!).

* They filed at least 600 immigration applications with USCIS—over half were denied or rejected by USCIS.  The government claims that is because they screwed up in the application process.  (Maybe the Albans just had a really bad batch of clients who couldn’t have gotten through no matter who represented them?)  Of course, it makes me wonder if the almost 300 they did get through were fraudulent cases.

* The FTC thanked Catholic Charities for its help in exposing the Albans.  Readers should know that various Catholic agencies in Maryland are deeply involved in myriad political activities in support of Open Borders and more migration to America.  Catholic Charities and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops receive millions of tax dollars every year to resettle refugees—they are a part of the immigration industry.  Did the Albans somehow get cross-wise with the Catholic activists?

That’s all for now, this post is only for background for future posts on this important topic that involves changing the demographic and thus political make-up of Maryland!

In closing I want to again stress that Temporary Protected Status is itself a scam I had to laugh when I saw this article in the New York Times from TEN YEARS AGO entitled, ‘Salvadorans illegally in US are given protected status’ (imagine what a furor such a headline in the NYT would cause today!).   Here is the story and know that they were given ‘protected status’ to stay even prior to this date and its just been extended and extended and extended.

President Bush agreed today to allow as many as 150,000 Salvadorans to remain in the United States for up to 18 months  [note that above we learned that there are now over 240,000 in the DC area alone—ed] to help El Salvador recover from a series of devastating earthquakes earlier this year.

Most of the Salvadorans are in this country without legal visas or work permits.

President Francisco Flores of El Salvador had requested that the administration grant ”temporary protected status” to thousands of his countrymen living illegally here, saying that money they earn in the United States and send to relatives back home would be as valuable to rebuilding efforts as increased American aid.

In a meeting with Mr. Flores at the White House today, Mr. Bush granted the request.

”This will allow them to continue to work here and to remit some of their wages back home to support El Salvador’s recovery efforts,” Mr. Bush said after the meeting.

They can work, get driver’s licenses and tax ID numbers, and send millions of dollars back to El Salvador to prop up their homeland, but remember that they cannot VOTE! unless Congress gives them amnesty (or they marry an American, and for the Salvadorans they have been given over a decade to do just that)!

Next:  Senator Ben Cardin pushes TPS, here!



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