Posted by: Ann Corcoran | June 7, 2011

Washington Examiner publishes great editorial on Maryland petition drive

Update!  The Petition drive has surpassed the number of signatures needed for the first round, here, where 18,500 valid signatures were required by May 31st.

Every bit of publicity on the drive to obtain enough signatures to get the controversial in-state tuition for illegal aliens law on the ballot for 2012, brings a flood of new interest in the issue.   Here the Washington Examiner helps with that publicity by telling its readers about Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler’s “legal contortions” in justifying the bill.   (Hat tip:  Cecil Calvert)

Defending the indefensible is not easy, which explains the legal contortions by Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler as he attempted to justify a new law granting in-state college tuition to illegal immigrants. In his May 9 letter to Gov. Martin O’Malley, Gansler bent logic to the breaking point by gamely insisting that SB 167 does not violate a 1996 federal law specifically banning the practice.

Quoting the Supreme Court of California — which ruled that a similar tuition break there was based on “other criteria” besides residency — Gansler failed to explain how high school attendance invalidates the federal statute, or why it’s fair to give illegal immigrants preferential treatment over out-of-state U.S. citizens and legal Maryland residents who will now have to compete with them for a limited number of seats. Nor does he say what students legally ineligible to work in the U.S. will do with their newly minted Maryland degrees.  [good question!]

Read it all.

To see Gansler’s letter, links and Del. Mike Smigiel’s legal response may be found in this post.


The first requirement for validated signatures will likely be met today!   Visit the Board of Elections website, here, and click on “verification status.”  As of late yesterday over 17,000 signatures have been validated!


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