Posted by: Ann Corcoran | May 31, 2011

Parrott: 40,000 petition signatures so far!

In a press conference today, Del. Neil Parrott reported that the volunteers have gone far and above the May 31st goal of submitting 18, 500 signatures to the Maryland Board of Elections.   The Baltimore Sun, in breaking news this evening, reported that Parrott revealed that 40,000 petition signatures have been received so far.

Opponents of the new state law to extend the in-state tuition discount to illegal immigrants said Tuesday that they had passed the first test in their petition drive to stop the measure.

“We have over 40,000 signatures,” Del. Neil C. Parrott, the Washington County Republican leading the drive, told reporters at a press conference in Annapolis.

Organizers needed 18,500 valid signatures by Tuesday, the first of two deadlines they must meet to put the measure on the 2012 ballot. They said they had aimed for 35,000 signatures on the assumption that some would get thrown out.

If they are able to submit 56,000 valid signatures by the end of June, the law will be suspended and put to voters in November 2012.

Approved by the Democratic General Assembly and signed by Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley, the measure would allow illegal immigrants who have lived in Maryland and whose families have paid state taxes to pay the in-state rate at any public college or university.

It’s no time to slack off!  Get involved and get the petition on-line at Maryland Petitions.


  1. […] Update May 31st:  Signature-collecting Delegate asked to leave public park, here.   And, Del. Parrott announces the astounding number of 40,000 signatures received so far, here! […]

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  3. I must correct you. The bill does not require that they PAID taxes. The bill only requires that the student or his parents FILED tax returns for 3 years. You can file a return and not pay a dime. In fact, many file returns in order to RECEIVE tax credits! And they can file back taxes, meaning that if they’ve never filed a return before, they can file for 3 previous years in order to qualify for the benefit.

  4. […] days ago we reported that Maryland Petitions expected to turn in 40,000 signatures for the petition drive to nullify […]

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