Posted by: Ann Corcoran | May 31, 2011

And, the beat goes on! Petitioners asked to leave public places!

State Delegate asked to leave public park!

We’ve been hearing this more and more frequently as it now is beginning to appear that the petition drive to get a referendum on the ballot in 2012 to allow the voters of Maryland to decide if illegal aliens should get instate tuition could be successful.    Fear seems to have set in among the Open Borders activists in Maryland!

Yesterday we told you about two cases of harassment volunteers experienced in Boonsboro and Rockville.

All I can say to the agitators—keep it up!—people are angry as it is and the issue is resonating with voters.  More people will sign the more publicity you all create!  

From the Frederick News Post today (hat tip: Cecil Calvert):

The organizer of Frederick County’s petition effort on an illegal immigrant tuition law is reporting problems with volunteers being asked to leave public places.

Delegate Kathy Afzali said this week that volunteers were asked to leave their posts outside the Middletown and Monrovia post offices on Saturday, and she herself was asked to leave a town-sponsored event at the Middletown Community Park on the same day.

Infringing upon the right to free speech!

Afzali said it’s her understanding that volunteers should be able to exercise their right to political free speech at public places such as post offices and government parks, and she is concerned those rights aren’t being respected.

In all three cases, petitioners left the areas before the police were called.

“It’s important for people to understand that the right to petition government is our right as American citizens and of the great state of Maryland,” Afzali said.

There is much much more!  Read the whole article!


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