Posted by: Ann Corcoran | May 30, 2011

CASA de Maryland employee tried to block signatures too!

Update May 31st:  Petitioners asked to leave public park in Frederick County, here.

In my previous post I reported my first-hand experience in Boonsboro, MD on Saturday evening when an employee of Identity, Inc., an immigrant advocacy group, attempted to interfere with people wishing to sign the petition to get a referendum on the ballot for 2012 on the controversial in-state tuition for illegal aliens bill.  Now comes word that the same thing happened in Rockville over the weekend.

LOL! Looks like they have the same “hater” talking points!*

From Brad Botwin of Help Save Maryland to his extensive mailing list:

Special thanks to the volunteers from Montgomery, Baltimore and Harford Counties that spent time collecting signatures at the Rockville Hometown Holidays event today. Hundreds of Democrats and Republicans signed the petitions today to stop in-state college tuition for illegal immigrants.

How do we know we are winning growing public support on this important issue? A few days ago the head of CASA of Maryland, Gustavo Torres, was quoted in the press that the petition drive would fail and therefore was not a worry to his group and the illegal alien community.

Today that changed!

One of Torres’ top drones, the taxpayer subsidized Kim Propeack, Community Organizer of some sort, came by our tent today and actually tried to force herself between petition signers and our volunteers!

Propeack screamed that we were ‘Immigrant Bashing” and called the MD Petitioner volunteers “Haters”! One of our volunteers Shakil, a first generation immigrant from Bangledesh (his parents are legal immigrants!) was extremely offended by the vile words used by CASA of Maryland.

Fortunately our cool headed volunteers ignored Propeack and continued about their business of collecting signatures from concerned citizens.

Also snooping in the background was Delegate Luis Simmons (D- Mntgomery County). Simmons did not try to stop citizens from signing petitions like CASA’s Propeack, but he was certainly putting the “evil eye” on our volunteers. Simmons was an early supporter of in-state tuition as well as many other taxpayer funded programs for Hispanic illegal immigrants.  [Simmons was one of those who got the sweetheart bond bill to benefit Identity, Inc and apparently two of its board members, here.]

* They are all one-trick ponies who only know how to verbally abuse citizens who disagree with them.  Racist, bigot, xenophobe, hater, hate-monger…blah! blah! blah!—doesn’t work anymore!


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  2. Sunday, the CASA group was still at it.

    However, some people I talked to, that are for the Dream Act, signed the petition because they do believe legislation this big should be for the people to vote on, not to be decided on by just by polititians.

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  6. We were petitioning in Easton Md, and some community organizer for one the the O’Malley administrations groupies parked himself directly in from of our table set up and proceeding to pass out flyers to everyone who walked by. The flyers warned people to Think before you Ink” as the “extremists re trying to force an initiative onto our ballot for their own political agendas.” The extremists in question were two 60ish grandmothers, myself included.
    The flyer goes on to list the goal of our initiative, including such gems as the following;
    Denying Maryland taxpayers and their children affordable access to college
    repealing extended benefits for military families
    remove education options for Maryland’s children and students for two years.
    and more of the same…. warning people to protect Maryland Families from the fearful extremist’s petition.

    This guy remained until we were finished for the day, and had played the same routine the afternoon previous.
    He was polite but cocky and a nuisance, and he didn’t harm our purpose as more people were attracted to the additional action.

    • Thanks Carol, as a matter of fact I have a guest column coming on this incident!

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