Posted by: Ann Corcoran | May 26, 2011

Brian Murphy to head 2012 campaign against Senator Cardin in Maryland

But, who is the mystery candidate?

According to the Baltimore Sun, we may get more hints today as Murphy plans a press announcement of some sort.

Brian Murphy, the conservative Republican who ran against Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. in last year’s GOP gubernatorial primary, has a candidate in mind to run against Democratic Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin in 2012. The one thing he can confirm: It isn’t him.

“This Thursday, May 26, I’ll be making an announcement regarding the 2012 US Senate race,” Murphy wrote on his Facebook page this week, prompting supporters to reply that they were prepared to campaign for him or make a political contribution if he got into the race.

But in an interview Tuesday, Murphy said he isn’t particularly interested in the seat for himself. He will, however, serve as the chairman of a GOP campaign he hopes can win. Who is the mystery candidate?

Murphy said the challenger is married, has two master’s degrees, including an MBA, has served for 16 years in law enforcement — including 12 years in federal law enforcement — and has spent “many years at the White House.”

“And quite frankly, he’s leaving it all behind to run for Senate,” Murphy said. “He’s got huge passion for his country and for his family.”

I am personally relieved to see that someone serious will get in, and I better now get to work on my Cardin Watch! category that I’ve let languish in recent months partly because I didn’t see a challenger on the horizon.

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