Posted by: Ann Corcoran | May 19, 2011

Tea Party: Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho! Washington insiders gotta go!

…..and that includes Grover Norquist!

Washington’s premiere establishment Republican insider Grover Norquist is accused at Red State yesterday of lobbying for Fanny and Freddie before those agencies helped bring down the housing market.

From Red State:

While heading Americans for Tax Reform, Grover Norquist founded the lobbying firm of Janus-Meritt Strategies with David Safavian, the former Chief of Staff of the General Services Administration (GSA) who was convicted of lying to prosecutors during the Abramoff scandal and sentenced to prison. Safavian’s conviction was recently upheld.

One of the more interesting clients for Mr. Norquist was Fannie Mae. In 2000, Janus Merit received $120,000 in lobbying fees from Fannie Mae. Mr. Norquist, along with Safavian, was listed as one of the main lobbyists on the Fannie Mae account.

Read it all (and visit links).   The comments are as informative as the story!

Repair Man Jack asked:

Do you mean the same Grover Norquist who was accusing Tom Coburn (R-OK) of being a sell-out for negotiating as part of the Gang of Six? You mean Sammi Al-Arian’s old boyo? That Grover Norquist?

And, Sundaycombo chimed in:

His firm also lobbied for and made introductions for Abdurahaman Alamoudi and the American Muslim Council. In case anyone forgot, this character was later convicted for terrorist financing and a host of other illegal stuff. He got sentenced to 23 years in jail. There is no record if Grover sends him a birthday card every year…

It’s always been a puzzle to me as to how Norquist never got indicted along with “Casino Jack” Abramoff for his role in the Indian gaming scandal. While Norquist appears to be on the “right side” with his stance on taxes, he and others of his ilk really only care about making money and acquiring influence. Even more so than RINOs, these types must be exorcised from the Party.

Yup, it’s been a puzzle to me too—who does Norquist work for?  And, even more puzzling, why does anyone still regard him as a voice and a leader of conservatives?  See our many posts on this Muslim mystery man, here.   See especially Norquist’s pronouncement that shariah law is compatible with the US Constitution, here.

And, whoever Mr. Norquist is supporting for President, is someone to be very concerned about.

An afterthought:  In interviews Norquist has cited an obscure book, ‘I led three lives,‘ by Herbert Philbrick as one of his favorite books—any significance? Just asking!

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