Posted by: Ann Corcoran | May 5, 2011

Rule 11 controversy to be re-visited at MD GOP spring convention (maybe)

Michael Swartz, Maryland blogger extraordinaire from Wicomico County tells us today at Monoblogue that the Rule 11 controversy of last spring is back.   Readers may recall that Rule 11 prohibits the RNC from giving money to a Republican contender before a primary if there is competition for the seat.   Last year the whole issue blew-up big time when Rule 11 was waived in favor of the ultimately failed candidacy of Bob Ehrlich although businessman Brian Murphy had filed (before Ehrlich even) to run as the Republican candidate for Governor.

Those of us critical of the MD GOP and its leader at the time, Audrey Scott, maintained that Republican voters should decide in the primary who our candidate should be.  And, by the way, the RNC (Michael Steele!) and establishment Republicans tried the same trick in Florida and failed.  As a result, thank goodness, we have Senator Marco Rubio today representing Florida and not ‘Independent’ Charlie Crist.  (See ‘Audrey Scott, you are no Sharon Day’ here).

For a review, here is one of my earliest posts last summer on the Rule 11 controversy that tore the MD GOP apart and frankly, in my view, kept the MD GOP from a better showing in the final governor’s race.

Please read Michael’s post, and get ready for ‘fun’ in Ocean City beginning tomorrow!

Convention information is here.


  1. It’s back because I brought it back! Had I said and done nothing it would be business as usual.

    • Thanks Michael for your work on this!

  2. Unless something is done to bring the MDGOP back to an organization that listens to its’ members and does not give in readily to the notion that only a “moderate” can win in Maryland, we are lost. Let’s all stand out on street corners waving Ehrlich signs again. Yippee! See how well that worked last time! Good Luck to all those who realize something is wrong with the MDGOP and are taking the time to go to Ocean City. I hope your efforts are not in vain.

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