Posted by: Ann Corcoran | April 26, 2011

Immigration legal and illegal: Demographic shift is disaster in the making

First read the Maryland Reporter today on the In-state tuition referendum underway and consider that some supposed conservative Republicans are not prepared to even fight on the issue….we are like little frogs in the boiling pot so says American Thinker author Selwyn Duke.

To stir your interest, here is one little segment of this excellent article yesterday at American Thinker (hat tip: Ed) (emphasis mine):

Importing Disaster: Demographic Changes Mean Democrat Future

As long as we continue our suicidal immigration policies — where 85 percent of newcomers hail from the Third World and Asia (thanks, Ted Kennedy) — the only thing that will be in question about our descent into socialism, and perhaps beyond, is the rate.

Despite this…..all most conservatives talk about is 2012 this and 2012 that. Yet, what good is fighting for momentary political success if you don’t secure the cultural foundation of which it’s born? And how can you enjoy the latter when the rate of cultural invasion greatly exceeds the rate of assimilation?

Remember that people create the government; government doesn’t create the people. If you replace Westerners with Muslims, you no longer have Christendom (or even the shell of it we now inhabit) but Iran West. And if you replace apple-pie Americans with I-want-your-piece-of-the-pie socialists, you no longer have the US but the USSR redux. Oh, of course, our immigration scheme isn’t replacing us in one fell swoop; instead, it’s happening incrementally, which all the frogs in the frying pan of water don’t really seem to notice much. But as the aforementioned census data demonstrates, those increments are becoming bigger — and more rapid. And a death by a thousand cuts is still a death.

So we may talk about how Tea Parties are “waking people up,” but conservatives are asleep; the reality they’re ignoring is that there are fewer who can be woken up all the time. While you’re attempting the daunting task of re-education, the statists are importing ready-made voters. You’re fertilizing the tree in the hope it will bear more fruit.

The statists are chopping it down and are planting a new tree.

And it never seems to occur to conservatives that we should try to take the axe away.

Read it all, there is much more!

Readers, as many of you know, I write two blogs.  My other blog is Refugee Resettlement Watch and since 2007 I’ve focused on LEGAL immigration programs.   If it’s not staring you in the face in your town and you have doubts about the changing demographics in American communities,  see this post earlier this morning about Sioux Falls, SD.

Addendum!  Reader Ed, asks, just think about this question:   How did voters in California vote for Ronald Reagan but only a few decades later vote for Barack Obama?  Answer:  The people who voted for Reagan are gone—the state is made up of almost entirely new people.

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