Posted by: Ann Corcoran | February 24, 2011

Unions to “storm” Annapolis on March 14th

This is it folks—the perfect storm.  This isn’t about some pension decisions in Annapolis.  I see this as the desperation of the Far Left as they face a financial shortfall for Union political organizing as state after state begins to slash its spending.  

Obama cannot be reelected in 2012 unless Union pockets are full of taxpayer money and dues from members who are coerced to join them (and voting union members who think he will give them stuff!).

Frankly, Obama and those behind him want to create chaos because they know chaos will lead to civil unrest.  The people driving the Unions want civil unrest because then people look to government to literally save them.   Believe me, what is going on in the Middle East is connected to what is happening here—they are the same agitators. Some of these Union leaders were in Egypt helping the Revolution along!

As we go into the next tumultuous weeks, keep in mind, the enemy of the Tea Party is not your average apolitical local teacher, fireman or policeman, but the Union leaders who are using regular folks as their foils for changing our form of government. Pensions are simply a pretense for creating division and strife.

Progressives (Socialists, Marxists, whatever you want to call them) know this is the best chance they have had in a century to “change” America and it is slipping away from them—Obama has less than two years (we hope it’s only two) to get it done!   They know that and are desperate.

Their rally this week, here, was a piddling little thing so they want to do better on March 14th!

From the Gazette (Hat tip: Cathy):

ANNAPOLIS — The state’s largest and most politically active labor unions are coordinating what could be one of the biggest rallies on the State House in years.

Organizers hope to attract thousands of demonstrators to protest Gov. Martin O’Malley’s proposal to reduce Maryland’s massive pension and retiree health care obligations by increasing state employee and teacher contributions and slashing the prescription drug benefit for retirees.

“Our folks are extremely concerned that this is not a fair way to balance the budget,” said Sue Esty, assistant director of the Maryland chapter of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, one of the lead organizers of the planned March 14 rally.


The Maryland State Education Association, which represents 71,000 teachers and other school personnel, also is encouraging its members to descend on Annapolis in opposition to proposed flat-funding for education and O’Malley’s (D) pension reforms.


Dubbed the “Rally to Keep the Promise,” the demonstration is slated to begin with a march from Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium to the State House. The teachers’ union is trying to boost attendance by coordinating bus trips for affiliates from across the state.


Other labor organizations also will take part in the rally, including the State Law Enforcement Officers Labor Alliance, local chapters of Service Employees International Union, United Food and Commercial Workers, the Teamsters union and the Maryland State and District of Columbia AFL-CIO. Organizers also are reaching out to community associations and advocacy groups that have a stake in the funding and pension debate.

I repeat, this is not about pensions!  This is about creating civil unrest and pitting neighbor against neighbor to bring America, as we know it and love it, to its knees!

Update: Be sure to see Blue Ridge Forum about  an  important “Right to Work” bill in Annapolis, here.  And, see Apocalypse Speeding here.



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  8. Governor O’Malley took how long to discover raising taxes didn’t solve the pension problem but reform. How many billions ago was the pension still in the hole in 2007. Why does our state legislature keep bringing back that stupid Nancy Kopp who put the pension plan in the hole

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