Posted by: Ann Corcoran | February 10, 2011

Message received loud and clear—Democrats will be punished in Maryland if they venture near Tea Party

Here is a story that has livened up the 2011 Maryland General Assembly.  A Democrat dared to join the newly formed Tea Party Caucus and in short order brought the wrath of fellow Democrats down upon himself.

From The Maryland Reporter:

Democratic Del. Curt Anderson, chairman of the Baltimore City delegation, resigned from the Tea Party Caucus in the Maryland House of Delegates after his fellow city delegates threatened to remove him as chair.

Anderson kept the city delegation chair post he has held for four years after he apologized profusely and got a tongue-lashing from his fellow Democrats, who said they were disappointed and disrespected by his action.

“My apologies to you for any embarrassment I might have caused by my action,” Anderson said. He said he still supported the Tea Party’s opposition to tax increases and for reduced government spending, “as long as their agenda remains fiscal,” not social policy

“The Tea Party was willing to accept me,” Anderson said, even appointing him vice chairman — though they were aware of his generally liberal position on social issues.

“We need to look at the waste in government,” Anderson said. But for some of his city colleagues, “it was like I joined the Ku Klux Klan.”

Funny thing though when you consider one of the leading Tea Party groups in Maryland just picked a black conservative leader.

The chairman of the Tea Party Caucus, Del. Michael Smigiel of Cecil County, said he expected Democrats to take retribution on Anderson, “but I didn’t think it would be this quick.”

“I’m disappointed but not surprised that he was forced to choose between what he believes in and what his party will allow,” Smigiel said.

Smigiel said charges that the Tea Party is a racist organization were odd given that Charles Lollar, a black Republican from Charles County, was just named chairman of the Maryland chapter of Americans for Prosperity, a principal organizer of the Tea Party.

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