Posted by: Ann Corcoran | February 2, 2011

Report shows 287g program successful in ‘urging’ illegal aliens to leave Frederick County, MD

…..but are they coming to Washington County now?

I suppose I should be grateful to the pro-migration, pro-open borders nonpartisan (LOL!) “think tank” Migration Policy Institute (MPI) that I investigated yesterday at my other blog here for one revelation in a report they published this week.   My annoyance with them stemmed from the report’s (MPI’s) conclusion that some local law enforcement officers in county 287g programs were stopping illegals for simple traffic violations and that somehow that was a bad thing and that 287g should be reserved for arrests for violent crimes.  See their press release with its misleading headline, here.

As the Washington Examiner reported in a front page banner headline yesterday—Illegals melt away after crackdown—the program is working!   The Examiner captured the gist of the report more accurately than MPI does!*   I guess there is nothing the Migration Policy Institute can do to fudge their numbers.

The number of illegal immigrants plummeted in Virginia and Maryland communities that cracked down on immigration violations, with many moving into neighboring localities where enforcement of those laws was far less intense, according to a report released Monday.

Frederick County in Maryland saw a 61 percent drop in the number of Hispanic noncitizens between 2007 and 2009 after the county implemented a new program in which local police enforce federal immigration laws in 2008, according to the report from the Migration Policy Institute, a nonpartisan think tank in Washington.

Be sure to check out the chart at the Examiner.  Frederick County had the most success according to MPI.

Looks like illegal aliens are now entering neighboring Montgomery County—considered one of the most “welcoming” counties in Maryland for the so-called “undocumented.”  We told you recently about a lawsuit against Montgomery College (here) charging that the college is giving in-county tuition to students who are in the country illegally.

Many of the illegal immigrants who fled those counties ended up in neighboring communities that opted not to use the program to crack down on immigration infractions, the report found. Montgomery County in Maryland saw a nearly 19 percent increase in the number of Hispanic noncitizens — which includes those who entered the U.S. illegally and those who entered legally but overstayed their visas — between 2007 and 2009, while Fairfax County in Virginia saw an increase of nearly 10 percent.

Be sure to note that Howard County is also now a big recipient of the illegal alien population in Maryland.

I’m sorry they didn’t report on Frederick County’s other neighbor—-Washington County!   Many of us following this issue have long believed that as Frederick County stays tough on controlling the illegal alien population there that Washington County would end up being a refuge for them. (See my earlier post, here, urging Washington County leaders to get moving on this problem!).

Now here comes CASA with their “racial cleansing” propaganda!

CASA de Maryland, an immigrant advocacy group, derided the police crackdowns as “racial cleansing,” though local police insist they’ve reduced the number of people living illegally in their communities without violating anyone’s rights.

“We’ve had no problems with it,” Frederick County Sheriff Charles Jenkins said. “All the myths of profiling — they just don’t exist.”

Frederick County is the only county in the sanctuary state of  Maryland to work within the law to discourage illegal alien crime.

Tea Party activists and others concerned with the rule of law in Maryland should be urging your county to participate in the 287g program and other LEGAL federal programs such as Secure Communities and E-verify. And, be sure to make sure your state legislators DO NOT GIVE A DIME OF YOUR MONEY TO CASA during this legislative session.

* Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies chuckled about the same thing here at National Review OnLine.

****Update**** Related story from Frederick County this morning.



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    Best, –Steve.

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