Posted by: Ann Corcoran | January 14, 2011

Former MD Senator Don Munson makes creepy move

I’m a few days late on this story, and for those of you outside Washington County, it might not mean much.   However, for those of us who watched in fascination the primary race between conservative Republican Delegate Chris Shank and RINO Senator Don Munson this is a new and frankly creepy move by Munson.

Munson had been in Annapolis for 36 years and one would expect him to accept his forced retirement with grace, do grandfatherly things and work in the charitable community in Hagerstown.  Instead Munson is going to go to work as a volunteer to the only Democrat State Delegate Washington County still has— John Donoghue.  Weird, really creepy weird.

For Tea Partiers and other conservatives, it sure looks like we had Munson pegged as a RINO afterall.

From the Hagerstown Herald Mail:

ANNAPOLIS —Donald F. Munson has a new reason to be in Annapolis when his 36-year career as a lawmaker runs out Wednesday: He’ll be an unpaid volunteer for Del. John P. Donoghue.

Munson, who was unseated by Christopher B. Shank in both a Republican primary and the general election, said he wants to stay involved in state government.

He also has another goal: to be a lobbyist.

“I wanted some way to keep my contacts relevant and stay on top of the issues,” said Munson, who served five terms as a senator after four terms as a delegate.

Under Maryland law, state delegates and senators cannot become lobbyists immediately after leaving public office.

William G. Somerville, an ethics counsel to the Maryland General Assembly, said a lawmaker must wait one full 90-day legislative session before lobbying.

The exception is for a legislator becoming a lobbyist for a government body; there is no time restriction on that, Somerville said.

For Munson, the 90-day clock starts Wednesday, when the 2011 Maryland General Assembly session begins and Shank, his successor, is sworn in.

Although Donoghue is a Democrat and Munson a Republican, they’ve long been friends and colleagues. Before Munson lost, Donoghue frequently referred to the two men as a team for Washington County in Annapolis.

Munson says he wants to keep up his contacts in order to get a lobbying job, but my guess, based on the barely concealed rage Munson demonstrated at his loss, is that he will be busy undermining Senator Chris Shank every chance he gets.   We will keep you posted on this strange turn of events—because surely there will be more.


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