Posted by: Ann Corcoran | December 1, 2010

Bob Ehrlich’s loss in MD has silver lining for MD GOP

That is the contention of Kevin Dayhoff writing in The Tentacle today.   Mr. Dayhoff’s good column titled “The Republican Farm Team” begins with a discussion of the successes achieved by Republicans in most states.

In the days following the November 2 state and national midterm elections, pundits have superficially opined at great length as to the depth and meaning of the phoenix-like resurgence of the Republican Party on the national level.

Beyond the media bright lights and glamour focused on the national contests, the number of Republicans voted into local and state offices lends us a better fundamental nuts and bolts gauge for the future of the GOP.

Read the stats on what was achieved.  This is a good article to keep for future reference.

Dayhoff then tells us what he and others think went wrong in Maryland.  Many believe it all boils down to putting all of one’s eggs in the ‘rock star’ basket—the rock star being Bob Ehrlich (in some peoples’ eyes!).


….I part company with Mr. Lee’s [Blair Lee] analysis: “Sadly, the future for Maryland Republicans (and two-party government) looks bleak. If the Maryland Republican Party was a publically traded company, I wouldn’t buy its stock.”

I tend to agree more with former Maryland State Delegate Don Murphy when Baltimore Sun writer Julie Bykowicz quoted him as observing that the Republican Party “should be eager to move beyond Ehrlich. The party… “Needs to be a chorus of opposition, not a rock star with backup.”

Oddly enough, as much as Republicans should be thankful for the past leadership of former Maryland Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr., his loss to Gov. Martin O’Malley may have a silver lining for the future of the Maryland GOP.

Besides, I have never been a fan of the “great person” theory of history.

In Ms. Bykowicz’ article she quotes Mr. Murphy to wisely note: “We turned a pretty good election into a defeat,” Murphy said, describing how Ehrlich’s loss overshadowed the local gains. “It’s our own fault. We focused all our attention like a laser on one person, one position. And we’ve got to stop doing that.”

Read it all.

More on the lack of a Maryland “farm team” here at   ( is being added to our blog roll along with The Tentacle).

Help develop the “farm team” and attend the MD CAN conference in January in Annapolis, here.


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