Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 27, 2010

Frederick News Post must really hate conservatives!

Boy talk about a newspaper’s editorial page showing its rage!  (Hat tip: Dick)

The editorial, entitled “King of the Sandbox” pretty much takes on everything conservative and just about everything Republican.  [I think they are pretty angry that almost every seat was won by a Republican in Frederick County on November 2nd—yah think!]

It begins:

The Maryland Republican Party is debating who will take over the reins of leadership following a disastrous showing in the recent election. [It sure wasn’t disastrous for most Frederick Republicans].  GOP members will vote on the post Dec. 11.

Nationwide, this was the year for the Republicans, which retook the House and chipped away at the Senate. But not in Maryland. [nah! nah! take that!]

MDGOP leader, whoever it is, will be Captain of the Titanic [oh, Mr. Editor, you are so clever!]

Sen. Alex Mooney, an ultraconservative Frederick lawmaker, was one of those shown the door. It was an amazing loss, although a close one, to former Frederick Mayor Ron Young. However, it was still a loss, made even more starkly embarrassing by the local sweep — a Republican who lost, in a highly conservative county, in the middle of a banner year for the GOP. [Readers, the reasons for Mooney’s loss are complicated, but it didn’t help him that Senator Mike Miller wanted him gone and his opponent was given $300,000 to make it happen.]

Now we hear that Mooney has tentatively put forward his name to become the new chairman of the state’s GOP. A number of names are under consideration, including Mary Kane, who ran unsuccessfully as lieutenant governor next to former Gov. Robert Ehrlich.

It’s become a little like arguing who’s going to be captain of the Titanic after hitting the iceberg.

The editor, whoever he or she is, then goes on to tell us we have to keep picking moderates instead of conservatives, but as I have said before ‘you can’t win with squish.’  We also have to stop listening to Leftwing newspaper editors!

Now, this is the part that really ticked me off.  It’s all about the ‘stuff’, the ‘goodies’, the ‘earmarks’ that flow to a county; it’s never about what is good for the taxpayer, what is good for our state or our nation.  It is all about money, Mr. Editor, isn’t it!

If we don’t [moderate], we may find that the little we get from the Annapolis establishment may become nothing at all.

If no one ever breaks the cycle—the pay-offs, the paybacks—then we are economically and morally doomed.

Finally, we should all take this last line from Mr. Editor as a challenge!

Maryland is divided, and it is time for the GOP to recognize the division is not in its favor.

Talk about dissing the largest portion of the electorate in Frederick County as demonstrated by the recent election results—the Republican conservatives.  No wonder the FNP is losing readers and had to cut its staff (do they have a death wish?).

With this divisive editorial Mr. Editor does nothing to bridge the divide, but like good Leftists everywhere, he has no intention of doing so.

And, guess what?  Neither do we!   Other states may be farther along, but, in Maryland, the great ideological battle has just begun!

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